Killer's Joy In Revenge
As the victim comes to, he's well aware the chained holding his arms up are indicating that he's in someone's house, or better yet, their dungeon. He tries to pry the chain from his bruising wrists. "It won't work, Hun, You'd have to break your hands to get those off." said a sickly sweet female's voice. He could vaguely see the silhouette of a petite female. Suddenly the brilliant lights made the young man wince from sudden change in lighting. The female let out a soft, sadistic chuckle. "My, my, my, what are we going to do to you my dear Christian? You need to be taught a lesson." Christian looked up to see someone he never suspected to be the culprit. "Kaylie! What are you doing you little freak?" His words shaken with slight fear and curiosity. "I'm merely going to punish you for the way you treat people like my brother. You're going to feel their pain, you're going to see what you do to them, and then, you're going to wish you were never born; you're going to wish you've never treated my brother or any of my friends like that in school. Oh my sweet, when I'm done with you, you're going to die a slow, painful death." Kaylie's words had made him visibly shiver. Christian looked up at her like death itself had just backhand him into reality, well he was half right, he did get backhand, but not by death. "What did I ever do to you and your band of freaks?" He spat. Kaylie let out a child-like giggle. "Oh my dearest, you will not stop thinking I'm only going to bluff, will you?" She stared at him, her head tilted to the right, smiling at him like a lunatic. Her hands were behind her back in a suspicious form. He nodded his head towards one of her hidden arms, "What's behind you?" his voice so shaky it came out in a jumbled stutter. "I'm so glad you asked, because I need to learn about Biology, and I don't have a frog. So I thought you'd be helpful. Here, I make the cutting and gutting less painful." His eyes widen when she pulled out a rather large mallet. "I'm sick of seeing your smug face, making my friends and brothers feel more worse than they already are!" With that, she slammed the mallet down with such force the contact with Christian's head make a sickening 'crunch'. She felt the bunch of warm ooze and brains touch her red converse. Elena turned to look at a family portrait and smiled. "One down, 49 to go, big bro." Her eyes were sad and tearful but she knew nothing would come out, her brother had done suicide because of Christian and his group of arseholes. It was up to her to stop them from telling people like her and her brother to just die. Now she was ready to kill the world without mercy, she had lost everything, because her family is now gone. She unlocked Christian's body from his prison, and dropped him to the underground trap she had made. She looked at her list and crossed off the first name. "Christian Harverly, deceased." She let out a lunatic's laugh.