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Thread: Hello,My name Is Adrian and Im looking for an Artist!!!

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    Wink Hello,My name Is Adrian and Im looking for an Artist!!!

    o,I was wondering if there are any artist who are looking for a good long-term challenge with character design and some to most aspects of my manga(in works)

    So,let me tell you a bit about myself.
    My name is Adrian and I live in Virginia,USA.I am a Mediocre artist and creative story writer ,with a passion to make a really great manga...that would have an impact on a large number of people.

    The reason I ask for an artist is because a few months back,in September of 2011,I was trying to find someone to help with this idea I had - this manga.At the time,I only had my sister...but she was only useful for expanding off the topic and giving me situations that could happen later on,which was good.I finally came across a person,Named Sam in Colorado.He,alone,in 2 Months...put together a great storyline,a great plot and is now resting,lol.We both go to school,cuz we are both 16.So its kinda slow,but we'll be doing scripting this summer.
    So,now that the writing is progressing I cant really keep up....Its a lot of work...and Honestly,I don't think my artwork is "there" yet,but I don't wont to quit until I'm older and then do this....

    So all in all,I'm looking for someone who has free-time - lots of it.....
    Who is into shonen,good with proportions and some semi realism,good with details....

    I don't know,Just someone good.

    Here is a short summary of the story so that way you have a feel of what to expect,or what style :


    Set in the year 2137*. The economy has struggled severely worldwide, causing the entire planet to fall into a global depression. Much of the world is overpopulated, leaving may of it's citizens starving, sometimes even dying of hunger. Most major cities (including the one Hanako lives in) have become immense concrete jungles, with people living anywhere they can find and doing whatever they need to do to survive. Skyscrapers tower over every block, trying to accommodate the overwhelming population. We'll go more in-depth about the actual backdrop for the part of the story when it comes time to start drawing.(his side note - taken straight from our 20pg storyline outline/draft)

    Many governments are weakening, even collapsing, due to their inability to control and provide for their populations because of the crumbling economy. The world is on the verge of anarchy, with many parts of it already succumbing to chaos.One company uses this as an advantage,by injecting kids,who are given to the company for money(like selling your child) with a super human serum that will change the world, and everyone that lives in it ,with the help of a girl named "Hanako".

    This is a preview,but it tells you where the story is headed.

    The main Character named Hanako - meaning Flower.Though,even though there is a girl Main character its gonna be shonen.There will be a male character named Roi, who will basically be a 2nd Main Protagonist so that way it stays shonen,so.

    Anyways,If your interested,in trying to help with art....please show me what you can do,only to see how good you are or the style you provide for this manga,and after that Ill show you what the story is like and from there who knows

    If your a professional writer,who likes to fill in gaps in storylines and is very good at adding plots,plot twists,and Arcs to a can also get involved.Sam is a great writer but the thing he lacks in is in this area,he writes novel-like more than manga yeah

    Contact me here for the fastest response:

    and thanks for your help.

    - Adrian

    *Ill try my best to help solve any questions you may have.

    *Also,since im new,I hope I don't break any of the rules since I haven't read them yet,though if I have,I am deeply sorry,and I apologize.

    Ok thanks.Bye

    I am looking for professionals,when it comes to the writing....but the art,might be a bit stricter.

    If you know anyone who would like to do this,have them give me a email....Anyways,I look forward to working with anyone who joins.Best of luck!
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