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Thread: Manga Tutorials Iconic OCs - (Of today and the past)

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    Manga Tutorials Iconic OCs - (Of today and the past)

    MT is filled with talent, and over the years MT members have churned out some pretty unique Original characters that have inspired many, and become quite popular in the MT community, and in some cases off of it.

    What was/is your favorite(s)?

    What MT OC do you remember best? the ones that made you laugh, the ones that made you cry, the ones that you think deserve a manga, the hidden OC gems of MT's past that not many heard about or remember. POST THEM ALL HERE. MTs OC hall of fame.

    DO NOT POST YOUR OWN OCs.This is not a self promotion thread! This thread is to talk about and show OCs that inspired you, that people may not remember or newer members haven't seen. If an OC that someone else drew, happened to inspire the creation of one of your OCs, then it would be ok to post your OC WITH the OC it was inspired by.
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