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Thread: Newby here

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    Smile Newby here

    Happy New year!

    I was googling for manga/anime drawing tuts and landed here
    so I joined and now I am introducing myself
    I am Andrea 35 years young and I live with Andre the father of my 2 beautiful kids Darryl (7 years)
    and Kairy (10 months I have named her after a character of Kingdom hearts )
    Whe als have 2 cats and 1 dog so it`s a full house
    Whe live in the Netherlands
    I hope to learn alot in 2012
    I loved drawing since I was little but real life always gets in the way lol so this is my goal to learn drawing anime

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    Hey, welcome to MT. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your art. :)

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    Welcome to mt


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