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Thread: -Voidborn- {Three new pages. "Wow, I'm real! My gosh! I can winnn~! >:o"}

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    -Voidborn- {Three new pages. "Wow, I'm real! My gosh! I can winnn~! >:o"}

    -Voidborn has a smackjeeves site here, yo. :o-


    Hey again guys. The pet project lives on. Figured I'd move it to the new forum for convience.

    As always comments, harsh critique, or even just speculation are mega appreaciated. :3


    It's the far future. The human race has grown, spread through the stars, then become a boogeyman story for aliens to scare their naughty children with. Mastering influx travel and smashing planets with ease, the human-decended "Voidborn" live entirely in space, jealously protecting the last pockets of the human race from natural extintion by annihilating every alien species in their way.

    Much to their chargin, not all humans agree with this policy, however. The pocket carrier "Diamondback", and it's newly formed replacement crew, is sent to irradicate this crime of thought before it spreads too far into their own ranks...


    Page 01;

    Page 02;

    Page 03;

    Page 04;

    Page 05;

    Page 06;

    Page 07;

    Page 08;

    Page 09;

    Page 10;

    Page 11;

    Page 12;

    Page 13;

    Page 14 (NEW!);

    Page 15;

    Page 16;

    Page 17;

    Page 18;

    Page 19;

    Page 20;

    Page 21;

    Page 22;

    Page 23;

    Page 24;

    Page 25;

    Page 26 (NEW!);

    Page 27 (NEW!);
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