We decided to get at table at the New York Anime Fest 2012 in October. As we make our debut, we would like to open a contest and publish a magazine featuring mytakoyaki’s mangas to help promote the site!

DEADLINE – JULY 16, 2012

1st Place – Main Character of the oneshot will be featured on our cover with other characters in full color as the headliner. A copy of the magazine, $100 bucks, interview and promotional page

2nd Place – main character will be on the cover, copy of the magazine, links to their website.

3rd, 4th, and 5th place – Their oneshot story will be published to our magazine that we will be selling on NYAF 2012. Credits and links to their website(if you have one deviant or other) will be noted in the magazine so they can get some publicity and a copy of the magazine.

After the contest we will be selling the extra magazines here at mytakoyaki, so pre-orders will follow. If enough orders are made, profits will be split among the top 5, its not gonna be much since we'll sell it at a lower profit value, but its a start!

forum discussions here: http://www.mytakoyaki.com/forum/comp...c-con-contest/

Manga Layout – We will be publishing with KA-BLAM, so use their regular comic template layout. I’ve tested them out so if you have any questions, let me know.

Page Minimum – The manga oneshot must be at least 25 pages but no more than 60 pages.

Theme – This must be a 100% original manga. It cannot be based off of any existing manga. For example, you cannot submit a oneshot of your shinobi in the
world based of Naruto and his characters. Other than that, Any genre is welcome.

Ratings – Please keep it at a TEEN rating. Violence like Beelzebub, Naruto, Bleach, and Hitman Reborn is fine. Claymore, Deadman Wonderland and other over the top bloody violence is not acceptable. No over the top nudity or blood either.

Read Layout – Unlike traditional manga, we like to keep to the culture of the English language, so please make your stories read LEFT TO RIGHT. As we’re publishing the magazine in that direction.

Artstyle – B&W as the published work will be in black and white…must use this template for the sizing just so stuff doesn’t get so warped when we publish. 300dpi work. save it from here: http://www.mytakoyaki.com/images/201...c_template.png
(if you work size dimension is close to this template and easy to convert, that is acceptable as well)

*previous winners of mytakoyaki contest will not be allowed to enter their manga to this contest as you may be featured in this magazine already(if there is room)*

*Since it's been asked, one submission per user, no multiple submissions*