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Thread: A little beginner starts to draw (Beginner drawings inside /!\)

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    its good that youre using a refernce. keep that habit forever! and also show more of your layering work and stuff so we can help you better. cuz yknow if we know how you made we can tell were the mistakes stem from.
    here, these might help. i'll try and find some good hand tutorials too.
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    Wow, thanks a lot for the images of the head! I really need to practice drawing heads before I focus on the body. I don't mind spending months on head as long as I learn new things every day. Hair, eyes & hands are also a problem for me like you and the others said. I'll make sure that I show you my layers too so that you guys see where my mistakes came from.
    I promise to use references forever. I need references anyway, especially since I'm learning everything from scratch. Thanks again!

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    3 new drawings (with layers+the reference pic that you provided so nicely ):

    I used the zoom feature on gimp and I feel like my lines are much less shaky now. Looks like this solved my main problem. I hope you guys like the picture!

    Profile fail: (Argh I so want to get profiles down yet I fail miserably each time I try to draw one. )

    My layer is extremely messy, sorry about that. I tried to fix the profile but I failed. Oh well, I guess I can only get better from there...

    Layers layers layers.

    Yes, I got rid of the nasty purple. Choosing another color next time.

    Last one for the day:

    I really really enjoyed drawing her. Her ear's a bit out of place maybe, though that's debatable (I'm no expert). I also had some problems with the eyebrows, but again it's probably a matter of style.
    I'm not trying to perfectly reproduce anything, I only use the references for inspiration, so I'm fine with the result. I'm here to learn how to draw, so please critique.
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    TWow, you're really catching on quickly. Good job with your heads. I think if you would limit yourself to one highlight per eye it would really improve how they look. Also the last picture would look better if you were to provide a hairline behind her right (our left) bangs. It just looks odd without it.
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    welcome to MT! I hope to see more art :3

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    I think I know what you mean with the highlight. I'll try to be more careful next time. Thanks a lot for the help! I really need some kind of guide for eyes. I've been searching for one forever and I can't find a decent one. Then again, copying pics may help with that too.
    Thanks for the welcome!

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    A'ight, I don't like her hair, her eyes, and hm, her eyebrows. ._. She wasn't that fun to draw compared to the little girl I posted yesterday.
    I apologize for the lack of feet. I ran out of space and I didn't want to draw feet just yet anyway.
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    Well the only thing i can say is to continue practicing. You've pretty much grasped the the head angels but you still need to practice your hand and make it do everything just as you want. As Nis said you are a quick learner! Great job!
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    Wow you've improved so much! Your profiles are much better too. Keep on using refs, as it does help a lot, and you learn a lot too. Can't wait to see more

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    I see a wildily positive jump in improvement from the start of the thread until now. Drawing from reference is really helping you out! Welcome to MT, by the way. I hope you stick around and have fun. (: Have you tried using thinner lines? You don't have a lot of room for detail in what you've posted so far because the think lines you use take up a lot of space.


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