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Thread: Saiyagal's anime/manga style sketches and pics

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    I think Julia looks a bit uncomfortable... there's an evident bend to the knee on the left, which makes her center of balance seem odd bc her head is so far forward.
    I think redrawing her is a good idea, but you should try fixing her errors first. That way you can get an idea as to what she's supposed to look like.
    Maybe try using a blue or red pen or pencil to fix the mistakes. Trust me, this happens to me all the time--I'll finish drawing something, note the mistakes and then go to draw a better copy and end up making the same mistakes again. It really, really sucks :/

    Good luck! And I realllyyy love your drawing style. It's so, well, soft and gentle! And more realistic, too. Sometimes the people are freakishly tall and it puts everything out of proportion. Yours is great!

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