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Thread: Saiyagal's anime/manga style sketches and pics

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    Saiyagal's anime/manga style sketches and pics

    While I have been drawing for years, I just recently started working on improving my style instead of just doodling for fun. I have a great idea for a manga, but I am an amateur artist and need help on improving my style. I love the anime/manga style and I'm trying to change my style to look more "animeish" you might say. This sketch is a simple sketch of two of my main characters in my manga "Charmed."
    The pose if boring, but I figure that I really need to improve on proportion before I draw more dramatic poses. You advice is greatly appreciated. I hope to improve on my style and repost my picture inked and colored.

    Thanks in advance! I apologize for the crease in the middle. I accidentally dropped my sketchbook and the page folded. I sure wish it didn't show up.

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