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Thread: Saiyagal's anime/manga style sketches and pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celestial-Fox View Post
    Although it isn't the best thing out there, why say something like this to not only a new member, but someone who has clearly already made the investment?
    Ok ok I came off a bit harsh.

    But next time if you want to invest in a program, research other programs more as well. Photoshop would have been a much much much better choice (it's pretty much a standard for everything digital artist), or if you're tight on money, Paint Tool SAI (which is also a bit limited but has some fantastic lineart and colouring tool. and you could always download freeware along side it, like GIMP, which is essentially a free version of photoshop).

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    Thank you to those who gave critiques on my artwork. Even though I've had years of art classes, you don't learn everything that you want to learn. I'll continue to work on highlights and shadows in my future works.

    To Toast: No I did NOT pay $300 for the program. I got it through Amazon for $90. I did not purchase the program for drawings, I bought it to help me create my manga (which is of course the purpose of the program). I'm only using it to ink and color my art as practice. To me it is easier to use than GIMP.

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    Hi hi!
    Nice job so far C:
    Some things you should look out for are the placement of the ears, I think that they should be moved up a bit. I cant really give you a reference but you should take a look at the anatomy of the head, ears are usually alligned with eyebrows. Also practise hands, they seem a bit small compared to the head.
    Good luck! I look forward to seeing more art~


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