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Thread: Saiyagal's anime/manga style sketches and pics

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    Hey, it's still me, Saiyagal85. I couldn't log on to my old account, nor could I get a new password, so I just started another one. My old one can be deleted to save space or whatever. It doesn't matter to me. Anywho, I've got a picture that I want to ink with Manga Studio EX4.0 but I'd like some opinions before I try to ink it. Just look at the faces and upper bodies and tell me if there are any changes I should make before inking and coloring. Thanks for your advice. :3

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    I really like the bottom left one. The hair flows fairly well. My one main suggestion would be to give the collar and such a little volume, like bumps where it'd be like in real life, as well as making the tie area a little more round.

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    Those look awesome I love the hair of the second character ^_^ I think you made her neck slightly too long however :/

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    Thanks for your replies! Here is the same picture inked using Manga Studio EX4. I will work on coloring this picture and post it when it is complete. Please let me know if I should make any changes before I add color.

    The features that I'd really appreciate some input on are:
    Aidan (the male character at the top)
    1) Do his eyes look larger than the female character's?
    2) Does his hair look too unrealistic, as in does the part not look like it is resting on his skull?

    Julia (The female in the middle)
    1) Is her hair believable? Yes it is supposed to have a slightly unrealistic look, but I want it to look wrapped, not glued together.
    2) Are her eyes too far apart?
    3) Should I fix her collar?

    Victor (The male character at the bottom)
    1) Is the flow of his hair believable?
    2) Are the eyes okay? It is sometimes hard to determine how to draw the eyes in a three quarter view when my references have different opinions.

    These are just some things I've noticed.
    Thanks again for your input. I've taken everyone's critiques into consideration and have greatly improved my work.

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    Hello there, i'm new here so this is probably the first time you'll see me post on your thread... I happen to take a glimpse of your work and honestly, your style reminds me a lot of my style in drawing some months back... here are my comments

    Aidan - I think the eyes are fine because the proportion is fine. The good thing about manga eyes is that it gives us artist a lot of choices in terms of size, shape, and other variations. They also happen to characterize the drawing. Is Aidan your protagonist? His androgyny makes him look so. For the hair, I think it is a bit stiff... but maybe that's your style of inking... maybe try to make some clumps first before inking so it would not be too confusing. Aside from that, i think its fine because anime hair is liberal in terms of styling.

    Yes it her hair is possible. maybe soften your lines a little bit. Try to be less edgy. Her eyes are fine too but a bit too symmetrical, but thats a good thing... For the clothing i think you need to add some volume in drawing fabric. I'm still learning to draw that as well so i can't really tell you how...

    My comments in the previous drawings also applies here. add more volume. soften lineart. eyes and hair styling are fine, just adjust the lineart.

    hope this is fine for you.
    here are some good tutorials for clothing, they're by I'm still learning as well. This could help us a lot.

    hope this is fine with you.
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    I'm still working on the last pic. Here is a pic I did as a birthday present. I like the look, but I would love any advice that could be given, particularly on shading.

    The picture was drawn on paper. I scanned the picture into the computer. I inked and colored the picture using Manga Studio EX4. lol does he look familiar? (check my last drawing)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Anyway... I think you need to add more shading on the right side and particularly around areas such as folds and the shadows cast by the hair clumps. You also haven't really added any shading onto his shirt either. To kinda illustrate my point and to help i've got this picture here with a similar light source;

    Look at some pictures of similar articles of clothing on Google, that will also help you see where the shadows are likely to be. Same for the highlights in his hair.

    I will leave the rest for someone else
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    Just in addition to what Demofyre said, if you're only using two tones in your colours (one light, one dark), you'd be better off using a much darker shade in the shadowed areas. It'll give the image more contrast and generally make it stronger looking.

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    did you actually waste 300 bucks on such a limited program?
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    Hi, welcome to MT! You have some strong art that stands out from a lot of the newcomers! I can already tell that you're not afraid to change things up, like the style you draw ayes in, et cetera. That's good, and it shows versatility. I agree with Gaff and Demon about the coloring, though. You may find that using less saturation in your shadow tones may help out a little bit, just to break up the brightness of your color compositions. Perhaps you should consider only making one thing in each picture have a lot of saturation (to make it stand out) and tone everything else down a little bit, just to add visual interest?

    Quote Originally Posted by toast View Post
    did you actually waste 300 bucks on such a limited program?
    Although it isn't the best thing out there, why say something like this to not only a new member, but someone who has clearly already made the investment?


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