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    I'm starting a thread on weekly challenges. The point is to participate each week. If you can't, you can't, but this is a great way to overcome artblock and whatnot.

    PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT EACH WEEK HAS A DEADLINE!!! That means that you NEED TO TURN IT IN before or around the deadline for me to post it up here.

    The challenges will not just be focused on anime, but improving your skills overall as an artist. Please let me know if you'd like to join in. I will post links to your recent challenge pictures as well, so you can see the progress you have made.

    More than likely, we'll be focusing on digital art. However, that doesn't mean we won't do traditional.

    If you have suggestions for themes, please let me know.

    Also, the point is to grow! This isn't about being "good" or "not good," according to your taste. It's about growing at the level you are currently at.



    Me - Anime Portrait / Human Portrait / My own "Starry Night"
    ClockHand- Cottage Speedpaint
    Cloudy-chan- Cottage Speedpaint
    Inksprout- Cottage Speedpaint
    spidergoth - Cottage Speedpaint
    Cypress - Cottage Speedpaint
    Psiartist - Cottage Speedpaint
    Leschwa - Human Portrait


    [COLOR="silver"]1. SPEEDPAINT challenge, should focus on warm colors, such as yellows and oranges, offset by blues/greens/etc. You must spend at least an hour on this speedpaint, though you might spend more, according to your taste. The theme is a small cottage, surrounded by a closed off area. -closed-

    2. This week's challenge will be to create a human portrait. The portrait should be either semi-realistic, or realistic. It should focus on one of these emotions: (a) disgusted, (b) bored, (c) brain freeze, (d) jealousy, or (e) panic. The subject should be a bust, though more of the body can be added according to taste. There is no particular style or lighting to emulate. This should be in FULL color. -closed-

    3.This weeks challenge is on mood and expression. In other words, it should be a mood painting after the famous "Starry Night." It should focus on general shapes, lighting, and color. You can add a little town, if you wish, but the general theme should be very "Vincent Van Gogh." Please try to keep the general style in mind while creating this. For establishing a color palette, I would suggest looking at various night scenes to help you. -closed-

    4. This week's challenge will be a super cute, fantasy anime girl! The picture should focus on a lot of clothing and design details. Any medium can be used. Picture should be NO LESS than thighs up. It should be in FULL color. -closed-

    5. This week's challenge is a little easier! The challenge will be to sketch ten faces in whatever medium you want. 5 of the sketches should be under two minutes. The others can be 2-5 minutes, depending on what you want to do. The deadline will be February 5th at 12:01 AM EST.


    What is a speedpaint? - a speedpaint is something that focuses on lighting, color, and shapes within a specified amount of time. When speedpaints come up, the time you will be "allowed" will be specified in the weekly challenge information.

    What medium should I use? - This will be determined by the weekly challenge. If there is no information specified for this week on the medium, you may choose any medium you deem worthy.

    Can I submit art at any time? - Yes, and no. Please only submit the current week's challenge. You may do so anytime between the time allotted.

    What is paintersforge? - It's the DA group that you can feature your weekly challenges on.

    Is this organized? - YES. Please recognize that I take this seriously, and I will expect you to do the same if you intend to participate.

    Do I need to submit weekly? - Preferably, yes. But do you have to? No.
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