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    Manifest D. One Shot - New Page!

    Welcome one and all to my One Shot. I made the rough draft over the summer while on vacation. Sadly my Tablet died while on vacation, so it's sat until now. But now I have a new Tablet, and my passion has been re-invigorated. Anyway, the One Shot follows the original plot of the manga I first thought up in 8th Grade. After I've finished the One Shot, I hope to move onto the current plot of the manga, which features some of the same characters, but is drastically different.

    One Shot Synopsis:
    A boy named Ben is finishing up his Halloween escapades when he meets up with his friend Marcus. After some conversing and name calling, Ben wanders into the woods where the truly unexpected happens. Will he make it out alive?

    Title Page
    SPOILER! :

    Page 1
    SPOILER! :

    Page 2
    SPOILER! :

    Page 3
    SPOILER! :

    Page 4
    SPOILER! :

    Page 5
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    Page 6
    SPOILER! :

    Page 7
    SPOILER! :

    Page 8
    SPOILER! :
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