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Thread: Shadow's Art :) Zombie Thread

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    Heyy, that looks like an elf from WOW!! Great job, and I definitely see improvement!

    Hmmm... all I can say now is to be a little more sharp with your lines. Right now they look kinda bubbly, you know, like bubble letters? Try to make them more like block letters. Although humans (or elves) are soft skinned, the clothes, joints and hair are generally more rigid. Does that make sense? The clothes that are skin tight can be more rounded, but the other parts, like the sleeves and boot cuffs, need to be more, well, boxy. Just try looking at a picture of a t-shirt and cuffed boots. The lines are always straight, they seem to want to keep going but then are stopped by a fold--a vertical line.
    Goshh, I think I suck at giving advice, but I hope you can understand my ramblings anyways...

    Good luck!
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