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    Thanks a lot I see what you mean about the hat - it doesn't quite match up with the head! thanks for pointing it out, i'll edit that and i'll try and play around with the lips a bit (i'm not very good at drawing proper lips, just line smiles lol!)

    Anyone that's worked with paint tool sai, do you have any tips on how to shade? having some trouble figuring out the best method - is airbrush best? or pen on a low opacity? or something else? help would be appreciated

    I've done some editing of my amumu picture - taken a long time as the layers merged so i had to seperate them all out >.> still a WIP, i need to add more to the background sand, and add in shadows for the tree and redo the shading on the character to match with my new light sorce - but i've done some rearranging in line with toast's suggestions, so if any of you have any thoughts of it's new composition / not amazing shading let me know aha

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