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    Preparing the laser beam, we're gonna use it tonight.


    So guys, as you know, the new SSX game was released yesterday (Feb 28 america, Mar 2 Europe), the demo a few days before that.
    I just downloaded the demo today, and played it. Ehhh, there's not really much I can say about it besides


    I mean, I've always loved the SSX series, especially SSX3 back when I played it on the Gamecube, but this just takes the sexy from SSX3 and turns it up to 11. No, past 11, like, all the way up to 20. From early previews in mags, I thought it looked drab, and was going for realism. Little did I know.

    I love the new control scheme, came naturally since I play SKATE all the time, and the main controls have a flick-it feel to them.

    I've also only played the demo for a few hours today, and managed to get a high score of 11.5mil on trick mode, without getting even a tad bored, that's just how fresh the gameplay and atmosphere feel.

    And man, the ADRENALINE! When the music starts tripping balls, and you're in super tricky mode just hauling ass through air bouncing around on your board, it's just.... UGH.

    Anyways, I shall get this game in the near future. Too bad I already have my mind set for ME3, but THIS is next on the list.
    Any of ya'll getting it, hating on it, checking it out, playing the demo?

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    I'm so excited for this game, because I too am a big fan of the earlier games. I don't have gold on xbox live so I haven't been able to play the demo, bit I WILL HAVE THIS GAME! You made me so much more excited for it XD

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    What ams for does we haves these for lives the wholes lifes?
    Yeh I'm getting it

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    I was always more of an Amped guy, I might think about it though.


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