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Thread: Andrtaker's ART (OC Characters) *NEW*

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    I call it many names. The two that seem to be most accurate tho are "Hell" and "Work".
    To me the torso is way too thin. She needs a bit more thickness with that shape tho because as is now it looks like she's rearranged her organs and bones for a thinner waist (which is possible with years of corset training) but also makes it look like one blow to the abdomen and she's down for the count. The little shine marks on the breasts should be higher up IMO to make it look like they are fuller because now they look like droopy water balloons. The left her right breas I think should splay out a bit more (fuller. Wider in the direction of the arm) and her neck is to thin I think.

    This is still an amazing piece and I'm awed by you're skill. The curves she has going on and the style are just amazing.

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    @ clockhand yah your right, her right forearm is quite bigger, i cant tell my own mistakes i guess its because im so used to it. but thanks for telling me that and I can now see what you mean. so I did a little editing and made her right forearm shorter, is this ok or do i still need to shorten it? I also made the bicep a little longer so it would aligned in her rib cage. though im not done and still trying to correct more mistakes. also I see what you mean about the strap and the breast, its just I have no idea how to make it that way. Ill do that thanks again!

    @ Psy

    yeah im trying to make her look physically fit, but I dont know how so I just drew her body like that hehe. I guess the torso looks quite thin, or maybe its her breasts thats making her torso look small. ill do some experiments and take your advice too, see if i can change those. so for now I made her a little fat to make her body bigger. this is the unedited version. thanks!

    Made the right forearm shorter, I looked up some human anatomy reference but I dont know if I did it right
    also made her look a little bigger.
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    This is definitely a step up from where it was and I have to say I'm jealous of how smooth your line and shading is. My only beef is that her left shoulder looks like it's placed in the socket weird or not at all. Whatever the case it's floating too far away from her torso. Also having that band jammed up into her armpit like that would be a little uncomfortable :/

    Also, she's not fat @.@
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