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Thread: Andrtaker's ART (OC Characters) *NEW*

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    Andrtaker's ART (OC Characters) *NEW*

    Sup! Welcome to my very first art post! I already signed up in this site like 2 days ago and surfing the forums, but I really haven't posted anything.

    I've been really busy!

    So this Knightmare (OC) drawing I did and I wanted to draw something that involves a little bit of perspective and structures in the background.
    I think I did ok but the drawing of Knightmare is so big that I have to reduce the image, so the pixels may look slugish.

    I wanted to put the zombies in there too, so I have no choice but to just darken some of the area.

    So tell me what you guys think, I know my perspectives are still quite akward sometimes but I'm getting there. (I think)
    Leave critics I really appreciate it! Thank you

    *Original Size (3380 x 2590)*

    Note: I have to make it smaller because it is to big to fit most computer screens. So the quality may look bad. I just copy paste the picture from my deviantart account since its much clearer to see than the others.

    Materials Used:
    -Pencil (HB, B6 and B2)
    -Paint.Net (Editing Program)

    The picture below is supposed to be a bit darker but for some reason its a little bit brighter, I'll change that unless its looks ok I guess. Nashra and Ashley Pegasus, Knightmare, Adel (BlackHeart), Van

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    how'd you do that 3D-ish shading effect, Photoshop?

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    nah, everything was done in pencil. (I have no photoshop sadly *cries) if you mean the one in the center that says (the transparent symbol), that is my user account in site and I put it there just for proof and security reasons. my name in is undefeatable.

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    really? how long did you say you were drawing again, because this is goddamn amazing.

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    wow these are awesome! especially for just using pencil! I especially like the shading on Knightmare's hair! in the second pic Adel's fingers look awkward and stiff, I feel like they should curve up more or something. That may not be quite right, but it just felt awkward to me. Regardless that was like literally the only thing that was off to me Happy Holidays!

    Edit: It's totally not the fingers, it's the wrist! Normally when you have your hand on your hip your wrist is bent and you wouldn't see the entire back of the hand. Hope that helped!

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    @ hell_baron
    Thank you! Ive been drawing for 8-9 years now (I think) I cant remember its been a really loooong time hehe...

    @ corastaur
    now that you mentioned it, yeah the hands look akward. thank you for letting me know, its very hard for me to tell which is right or wrong in my art when im in the moment if you know what I mean. hands are also my nightmare, been practicing to draw hands so many times (as in both pictures hehe) but i can never get it perfected well ill change that and thank you again!

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    So this next character I drew is Stelias, a female demon bounty hunter.

    This is the first time I did something like this, a female version demon also drawing an athletic female built without making it look like a man is really hard and took me a while to do it. It may look stupid!

    I know that my drawings/sketches isn't perfect and so your critics is very important to me.
    If there is anything that looks weird, fishy, funny, or whatever it is, pls leave a comment below.

    thanks again and also hope you guys like it
    This isn't final btw! Took me a month to draw this.

    Original Size: 4200 x 2848 (Pixels) So the picture may look blurry and out of proportion since I need to make it smaller to fit most PC monitors. Sorry I don't have enough money to buy a good camera and a good editing program.

    Edit: I dont know why the picture looks so shiny here, I hope you guys are still able to see it
    Sorry, I got a really bad camera.
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    1,616 confused.......Your drawings look really great.....the shading is awesome.....the poses are (almost) always cool. BUt you still have some beginner mistakes. The last one. THe head of the girls is really bigger compared to the ones on the bow. hands and feet are big in comparison to the body. Which would be fine if i thought you were doing that as a style choice but i don't see it in the rest of the pics. Its funny! You have awesome pics that would look EPIC!!! with just a little more care, and im sorry for sounding like a jackass. but really. ican't always put my finger on it but there are always some few minor mistakes that ruin my feeling of the pic.....The first pic made me make this face "OAO" and then i saw the hands.....and i was thinking....yeah....its quite cool...... I think your main problem is foreshortening.
    Quote Originally Posted by GunZet View Post
    Mmm, yes, considering he's Serbian, he might.... overwork the ladies. Don't need that.

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    @ Gedeon

    Yah, I over exaggerated ashley's head, as for nashra i figured her body is a bit far and her head is turned slightly and leaning closer a little bit. but I guess it didnt turn out well. and no your not sounding like a jack*beep* i completely understand.

    So I dont know if this is what should it look like? if not I could change some styles, tell me yall what I need to correct.

    EDIT: This is an old drawing, but I did some minor clean up in the PC and Im just wondering if this kind of style is much better than my present style (Last 3 pics) also any adjustments I need to make? Thanks and leave critics.
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    I like your shading, but the anatomy looks a little raw. In the last picture the right boob shouldn't be flatted, but rather the belt should go between the bobs, or over the boob without flatting it. Also, are you aware that you are making the forearm extremely large, don't you (I don't know if this is a style decision)? You even did one forearm larger than the other.

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