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Thread: Andrtaker's ART (OC Characters) *NEW*

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    Andrtaker's ART (OC Characters) *NEW*

    Sup! Welcome to my very first art post! I already signed up in this site like 2 days ago and surfing the forums, but I really haven't posted anything.

    I've been really busy!

    So this Knightmare (OC) drawing I did and I wanted to draw something that involves a little bit of perspective and structures in the background.
    I think I did ok but the drawing of Knightmare is so big that I have to reduce the image, so the pixels may look slugish.

    I wanted to put the zombies in there too, so I have no choice but to just darken some of the area.

    So tell me what you guys think, I know my perspectives are still quite akward sometimes but I'm getting there. (I think)
    Leave critics I really appreciate it! Thank you

    *Original Size (3380 x 2590)*

    Note: I have to make it smaller because it is to big to fit most computer screens. So the quality may look bad. I just copy paste the picture from my deviantart account since its much clearer to see than the others.

    Materials Used:
    -Pencil (HB, B6 and B2)
    -Paint.Net (Editing Program)

    The picture below is supposed to be a bit darker but for some reason its a little bit brighter, I'll change that unless its looks ok I guess. Nashra and Ashley Pegasus, Knightmare, Adel (BlackHeart), Van

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