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Thread: Sylux and Jaidurn: The Ubermen?!

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    Sylux and Jaidurn: The Ubermen?!

    SPOILER! :
    These are a journal of my transition to the Uberman Sleep Schedule. It's supposed to be a very, very tough transition, and I need to find some way to document my sort of trials, I suppose, along with my excitement in trying to find time for this schedule in my daily school life for the next 3 full days including today as of 12.20.2011.

    12.20.2011 - 12:47AM

    I'm starting the Uberman Sleep Schedule at 1AM -5 GMT. I'll be sleeping at 1AM, 5AM, 9AM, 1PM, 5PM, and 9PM, each for 30 minutes a piece. I do, though, have school tomorrow, and the next day, and half a day after that. It will be interesting to see where these last days will lead me academically. I will be traveling in Italy during my transition, so I will attempt to log my adventures in trying to fit in naps during tours.
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