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Thread: Tablet or Tablet laptop?

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    Craftyyyy. I like.

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    Haha, I've mix and matched for most of my stuff. My old laptop's cord was two cords turned into one, giving me a good 8 feet of length.
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    Tablet or Tablet laptop?

    So guys, as some of you know, my tablet is broken. I'm also down a computer.

    My choices are to:
    A) Just get a tablet pen for my bamboo pen.
    B) Try to get a new(to me) Intuos2.
    C) Buy a tablet laptop.

    Quick guys, help me decide a good choice.
    Why buy Intuose when you can grab your mouse all day?...
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    ib4 jelly Icant buy1

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    Down a laptop and tablet? Ouch. I'd suggest however, that you just stick with the cheapest option. If you are used to using a tablet, it is easier to keep at it than to switch. I have both, but I personally found that I prefer the Intuos3 tablet over my touchscreen laptop. Touchscreens run hard, because so much memory is devoted to keeping the touchscreen function up. With a Tablet, it only focuses when you are actually USING the pen. As it stands, Lappy (a HP Pavillion tx2500, purchased in August of 2008, and almost never turned off) has been running so hard lately that I cant run Firefox and PhotoshopCS4 side by side without lag and it freezing for a few minutes every couple of minutes, but even before this issue, I was having lag problems because of how hard my laptop had to think. The newer ones will probably run faster with such complicated programs.

    If all you need is a pen, I'd suggest getting a new one. They can be pretty darned expensive, but if you like the way your bamboo runs, I'd keep it if I were you. You could probably find a cheap used Intuos3 or Intuos4 off the internet that runs well. Wacom has the drivers available if it comes without the disk. I prefer the Intuos series to the bamboo, personally, but you might have a few issues with Photoshop CS4+ if you have an Intuos. The CS4 Series+ doesn't have built in support for the Intuos series, so the pressure sensitivity sometimes doesn't initialize when you open it. I just restart the program or reset the brush settings in photoshop and it usually starts working again without much issue.

    If you can repair your laptop for under a few hundred, I'd suggest that too, otherwise, get a newer one with good ram and good hard drive space. It doesn't need to be fancy, and you could probably find a good one under $400 that will last you several years. I suggest avoiding DELL computers at all costs. I've had more problems with that brand than anything else, including Apple. I hate Apple. My problems with Dell came in the form of lost files, corruption, crashing, freezing, the works. HP works very well, as do most custom built laptops, if you can find someone you trust to build it.


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