Hellooooooo everybody
I havent been on here for a while, but then again no one probably remembers me ha ha ha...... Well any way, I'm back, got my motivation to draw again back and I have a new story which is basically my old story(which no one would remeber) but is now set in the future........So in a nut shell, it's a Sci-fi/Fantasy graphic novel. Why, because I've always wanted to do sci-fi and as an artist it will help develop my skills since I'm not that good at drawing cars and modern day building...but I'll try, just give me a chance......oh by the way, this is in BETA and is subjected to change and I haven't made a name for the series yet and wouldn't getting some help for that. Anyway, I would like to receive comments about what I could improve about it or if u want more info ask and I'll tell................so thank you for the help, it is much appreciated and I'm glad to be back to one of the best internet communities I've ever been to


In the year 3423 F.L. (which means First Life. 3423 years ago Humans first discovered an intelligent life form and decided it meant a new era for mankind) a team of archaeologists fossils unlike anything seen on the planet. The fossils were taken an advanced scientific base (which is based on the Moon...I don't know, something to do with the secrecy and all that, like Area 51 but on the Moon...dun dun)
On the secret Moon base of secrecy, they discover the fossil the fossil shares similar DNA with that of the V‚sheer( The V‚sheer are a species that have been living along side humans on Haem(Planet name) for as long as anyone can remember, some believe that the V‚sheer way before humans became Homo-sapiens....now they reside on a planet in the same orbit as Haem, just on the other side, that planet is called 'V‚sara')
Anyway, since they humans can not get V‚sheerin DNA ...(for some reason) they instead use Human DNA, since the species was of Humanoid form and <Insert scientific lingo here> It works and soon an unknown species starts to grow.
Skip to however long it takes to grow and a fully grown mysterious creature stands before Human scientists. They are red of skin and black of eyes and hair. The creature is docile and is easily command-able(I dont know if this is even a real word) Testing it's strength and speed and junk, peaks the interest of the Military. (The reason for this clique is thus-tentions are wearing thin towards a race caled, 'The Thae' and a species I have yet to create, in the Askara System (Its with a alien race in a different solar system) The humans are afraid the <insert alien species here are going to start a war and the technologically and magically advanced Thae will join them and become super strong) So having a super strong commandable (there's that word again) species, who are also invulnerable to magic(yeah they find out about that) will be very beneficial for them. So General McDouchebag tells the scientists to create 99 more, they do but something goes wrong(ploooooot twist)
They turn on the scientists and kill everybody and the secret moon base of secrecy...then using they cloning machines create a THOUSAND more of their mates (cos they is much smarterer than the science-men thought they bees)
They take a ship and head to Haem and TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!
So a war begins....during this time, the other planets talk about what to do with Haem and the inhabitants and so forth. The Thae (who are bastard) well they want to bombard the planet with missiles and kill everybody on it....so there's poloitcal intrigue in it as well I guess.

The Theme in the series is.....well, I guess there is no theme. I'm not a big fan of doing stuff like that...I prefer people to interpret my work in there own way...huzzah you bastards!!!

F*cking violence (Ooooooh yeah!!
F*cking sex (Holy sh*t!!!)
And all that good stuff in between. Ok yeah, that stuff is in it but it's a mature, adult series done hopefully intelligently and maturely (lolz)


Obviously it's not for the kiddies. As an artist and story teller, I always have deplorable violence, naughty words and sex. Mind you, sex is done tastefully and is not there for titillation. Using the Australian Rating System, this series would be rated MA 15+.....................................so it's for adults!!!!