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    Quote Originally Posted by Gedeon View Post
    I've gotta say you've got some kick-ass shiny crisp lines One major flaw i saw was in one of your old works, the girl with a guitar has.....quite a strange hand. And in the newer ones, everything is pretty ok. The last one has a tad bit too long neck, and i think her thumb is too far away from the rest of the fingers. ANd about the male anatomy, it isn't that hard, but i sense that you like doing girls more then boys........owo
    Was that supposed to be good / bad thing?

    Yeah, that one picture...
    That's why i must re-draw it soon.

    Now that you mentioned it...
    Will try to re-draw it too, thanks!

    Didn't see that one, which hand is it?
    That 'girl's hand' or that 'only hand'?
    ...or is it both of them?

    I used to draw boys & girls equally...
    but yeah, now i prefer drawing girls since they are good to be looked at.
    Maybe i should just learn to draw TRAP boys or Rev-TRAP girls instead?
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