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Thread: Nara's Art - Learning Moe Characters

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    Nara's Art - Learning Moe Characters

    I'm sure everyone knows what 'moe' is. (Try to google 'moe' if you don't know what it is, rather than asking me or anyone else here!)
    So, basically i like drawing 'moe' characters and of course want to improve my drawing skills using this style.

    I was in manga school before (i quit after i reached mid-level), so maybe some of my works would look good or at least acceptable.
    BUT! I didn't make this thread to show-off, because there are so many things that i haven't learned yet.

    I know my own limit & i know i still have so much to learn.
    In fact, your comments & critiques are greatly appreciated.

    Here's some of my works i drew before i joined MT:
    SPOILER! :

    These 2 works was made a few minutes before i made this post:
    SPOILER! :

    All links below:(Except for the 1st post)
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