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    Nara's Introduction (Fixed)

    Hiya, guys!

    Let's make it a quick introduction.

    My name is Hwang Nara.
    'Hwang' is my clan / family name (yes, i'm half-Chinese) and 'Nara' is my alias name for web.

    I'm currently 22. (time surely went so fast)

    In term of anime / manga, i mainly like anything about gothic lolita & mecha.
    While i'm 100% sure that i'm NOT an otaku, watching anime is one of my hobby.


    Here's some of my so-called 'History' about Manga.

    I've studied to draw manga since i was around 12.

    (Let's just skip all the boring parts of the story, shall we?)

    When i was 19, i could say that i was very proud of my '7 years of practice' result before somehow i quit drawing manga.

    Yeah, you know about those busy college days.

    Then, one day i tried to go back to the old-times, drew manga all day long like a crazy maniac,
    though it just didn't work out well as i wanted to be.

    (Let's just skip more of those boring parts, okay?)

    Finally, i found this website just a few minutes ago!

    I'm kinda relieved to know that i still have the 'motivation' to draw manga, though i can't expect the same result that i used to have back then.

    ...this introduction has become too long, so i'm going to end it since nobody likes long message.

    I wonder if i should post some of my old artworks here?

    Anyway, see you guys later!
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