Hi there :3 Nice to see you're still working. Thought I'd drop by and see if I could critique a little bit.

Okay, I like the character design first off. He's pretty cool looking, and I like the stubble. I also think most of the shading (value, whateve) is good.

The perspective is a bit off. Before reading your post, I couldn't tell if he was supposed to be flying (like a superman coming at ya) or if we were looking down. Which I figured it out after I read. I think it's good you're experimenting with forshortening. Now you just need to work on the proportions whilst doing said pose. I'm not very good with it myself, so here's a couple pictures I looked up (they aren't the best examples, but they should help a bit.)


The shades are done very well. I also like that you're adding the character's personality with details like the earring I wish I could be more helpful on the weaponry, but alas, I can't give much advice other than to look a lot of different images of guns and swords. You know already googl-ing is the best way to get examples of that :3

Good luck! You're doing good!