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Thread: TAG's Art and Critique Thread!

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    Ying Yang Member Callesthe's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    As for your problems, I strongly advice you to look closely and study professional arts. Find yourself some idols, professional mangakas, entertainment design artists or illustrators. Look at how they solve different issues, compare them, and from there on out make your own choices. When drawing backgrounds, it's mainly your visual library that's lacking. You should browse and look at lots of images and photographs showing environments. If you want to make a background right at the spot it might help taking a few references (say about 5) and mix them up, tweaking forms and placement to your liking!

    But the most important part is what do you want to focus on yourself? If you're confident enough with your characters you might want to focus on your weak points you're not so happy with ^__^

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    Regular Member tag654's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    Yeah. I think I wanna start trying to build up my experience with backgrounds. Mainly fantasy like backgrounds,but if anyone knows mabye a site or something with lots of backgrounds to prctice from then Ill start one-by-one posting a background and my drawing based of said background,in which people can critique me in what I should do to get better at my background work. :P

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    Senior Member nisaren's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    I agree with Callesthe, you should take some time and look through images of various locations. If you have an idea for what's in the scene already it should be easier to find an image of location that is similar. One great magazine to use for backgrounds is National Geographic. If you have those around or can get your hands on them, do so. It has great photography of a huge variety of locations. Another free alternative is always to just do an image search on Google. The images may not be as well done as those that appear in a professional magazine such as National Geographic but just seeing them will help to build your visual library.

    Something that I'm starting to try to do more of is planning the layout of my pieces and working on composition. Understanding composition is vital for an attractive and cohesive background. The background shouldn't just be something added in to fill in space, everything there should have a reason and a purpose. The awesome (and sometimes intimidating) thing about drawing or painting is that you have absolute control over everything that goes into a piece. Make sure there's a reason. Also, take the time to draw up a few thumbnail sketches. The first idea you have may not always be your best.


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