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Thread: I just Joined today

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    I just Joined today

    Huh hi!

    My name is Edson, the most familiar call me eddt, i really think a few of you will hardly remember me, when i joined the MT, there was about to have a change, i didn't notice and though the website just died.

    I didn't quit drawing though, instead i kept manny of the given advices i learn and practice almost everyday, thanks to Sottaceti, after he upload a new deviation i notice the website didn't died.

    I think i really travel far in this path, but still its not good enough, so i joined back today to keep learning and make new friends.

    Almost forgot, what's with that confirmation question about "Hidden Character in One Peace that oda-san likes to hide or something" I don't watch One Peace, so i Dunno LOL
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