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Thread: What would make a good Zombie Apocalypse care package?

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    Crossbows, Bows & BLUNT WEAPONS like hammers crow bars & bats. Hell make a mace...I don't care...just things that are good for braining them undead fuckers. You risk not giving that 'blunt trauma to the brain or cerebrebal cortex' trying to be fancy with swords and such. I mean, yeah, a katana can behead a zombie. But how many people are skilled enough to do that? Let's say you hit a zombie in the brain with your best Rikimaru impersonation, but it doesn't do the deed. Now you're still struggling one zombie while his buddies come to help dig the brains from your skull. Best to get a blunt weapon because they take no more skill than swinging for a target: the friggin' head. Splat! And n to the next.

    Crossbows & bow work because you can 'brain' them form a distance silently, but you gotta (again) have the skill to use them. Plus you can theoretically make your own ammo for these. At the very least recycle what you have for a while. As far as guns go...sure. You gotta keep track of your ammo though, and I'd use them only as a last ditch effort to get the hell out of dodge because that 'bang!' is only going to bring more zombies. Flame throwers are useless. Now you have a flaming zombie. Well at close range any how.

    In a zombie apocalypse, the name of the game is survival. Stay stealthy attack only when you gotta (or need to get to some resources) & don't be a bad ass. Be a hero if you wanna, but don't try to be a bad ass. You'll only wind up on the menu and then fodder for a smarter survivor.
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