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    Okay thanks so much Cloudy-chan I think she looks a lot better now

    @scarletlight thanks for the pointer and I get what you mean though I wanted a cute I suppose ďinnocentĒ factor to be conveyed through the character and that sort of pose typically screams the opposite of that, funny I did that sort of pose for the third girl before I even read this

    Anyway I drew two other girls; the second picture is the same girl Iíve been drawing for a while. Theyíre the 3 main girls in my story so Iím sort of working on character design and making them very distinguishable from one another in face and body and hopefully get across their personality with just a picture.
    The first girl I want a voluptuous hour-glass figure of a girl a bit above average height and a more oval shaped face. .
    SPOILER! :

    The second girl a thin hour-glass figure, average height, and a heart shaped face.
    SPOILER! :

    The third is a petite girl with pair-shaped figure and a squared face. Though Iím concerned that she looks a bit boyish I know that squared faces a more of a manly feature but I like her face that way
    SPOILER! :
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