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    Actually I don't use anything special since I'm a broke college student and amateur when it comes to drawing so their the cheapest ones I could find- crazyart colored pencils. I know people like to praise brands like prismacolor but I suppose if you don't know how to use the pencils then it wouldn't matter either way. It's just my technique I guess, this is just fast coloring so I use two colors for the skin, two for the eyes, and three for the hair if I wanted to make it look really nice I use 3 colors for skin, 3 for the eyes, and five or more for the hair.

    For me I just start of with a soft light color as the tend to go down on the paper smoothly and apply a darker color on top smoothly for the hair after I put the lightest color down I just do fast strokes on top so it looks like strands of hair. I guess I just follow the rules for colored pencils: light to dark, not too much pressure and patience.

    Though I've only good at colored pencils -_- I've practice water colors and only I can only do landscape but can't paint people very good. Also tried digital coloring and bad...

    Do you have a critque about the proportions of the face though? or the chibis?
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