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    Artwork by spidergoth

    Hello everyoneÖso admittedly Iím rather intimidated here, but I do want to improve with my art so I shall suck up my anxiety and ask for some constructive criticism. I really need a lot of pointers when it comes to anatomy as Iím fonder of drawing faces but clearly thatís not going to cut it (I really want to improve on my anatomy!)

    So for my story I intentionally wanted to challenge myself by making my protagonist a male because Iím terrible with drawing men and I need to improve plus I gave him spikey hair because well I suck at spikey hair. Oh and I really appreciate tips and pointers on how to draw hands and folds on clothing.

    Clearly Iím going for the manga look in the first three pictures yet I donít want it to look too manga generic I sort of want it to be recognizably my own style so I suppose that takes time and practice.

    Also Iíd like some pointers on portraits, as you can see from my last pic I also enjoy drawing those. That in particular is a self-portrait drawn nearly a year ago. So all in all I guess I want you guys to tell me what works and what doesnít work and how to improve with the manga drawings and the more realistic portraits ^_^ Thanks for your time.

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