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    Hello I'm new to the forums but not new to Manga Tutorials. Just an average person interested in art and media.


    I just wanted to get a tablet like a cintiq but around $100-200. The yinova looks good but I cannot do $600. I can try to build stuff with help however. Thanks for helping!


    Does anyone know how to learn the coding language, Python, quickly? Just asking...

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    Hi there Green, welcome to Manga Tutorials! Just to let you know... I can't approve the other posts you made here because they don't pertain to the Welcome Wagon but I will add them to your post above.

    Regarding tablets, you can pick up a Bamboo for $100 +/-. It's a good starter tablet but if you want bigger ones, there are other makes from different manufacturers. Check out the Drawing, Tutorials, and Animation for for more info. We've talked about affordable tablets there.

    As for Python, I don't know about quickly but if you go to their official page, you can get a lot of info...


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