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Thread: So, who are your main characters (your own OC only)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylux View Post
    Hmm, I see what you did there..

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    Heres my guy for MaMo:

    Name: David Sedgwick

    Age: Begins at 16

    Height: 6'1''

    Weight: 200 lbs

    Build: light

    Job: TheMachine leader

    Skills: Parkour, leading, weapons, technology, programming, working, learning, other random crap.

    Titles: Mr. Master(to his apprentices), Sir, Commander

    Persona: IQ of 290, knows tons of random stuff, geometry, programming, swordfighting, and other random crap.
    He also runs a Machine Fortress with his gf, Sarah. He will never lie.

    Likes: TheMachine, weapons, technology working, learning, Sarah, down to earth people, sparring, music, the truth.

    Dislikes: Naomi, Naomi's mom, leading, people who have no sense, quiet, lying, oathbreakers.

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    forgot his

    Fav quote: "Shut up and get some sense, or we'll go outside and spar-with bokken-and you won't have one."

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    Try the edit button it's really cool if you're fast enough you can avoid the edit stamp

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    ^ Oh, so that's why I don't get them sometimes. I never knew that. Thought it was just chance.

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    Name: Modeus "Mode" Suza
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 170lbs
    Build: Athletic
    Power: Gifted with the Arthurian shade of the Excaliber, a sword that can change size depending on the users ability.
    Job: None
    Key traits: Cast into the shadow uprising wielding a very sought after power. Standard attire, sword is a claymore.
    Home Town: Tokyo AKA Harbor City in 2130, after the global economic collapsed made it into the worlds population center.
    Titles: Successor to King Arthur, weilding the Excalibur blade.

    He was cast into this war when he was attacked and almost killed by a mysterious child with the grecian shade power of Briareus. He is then hunted by two warring factions, Shadow Falling and Knights of the Round, vying for control over the cornerstone(Mode) of one or the others operations.

    Likes: Friend, but otherwise, pretty easygoing.

    Dislikes: Dying, obviously. Being at the center of a war.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylux View Post
    to make this obvious...... IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Wow. . .soo much shonen fantasy characters. . .em gonna try a different approach. .

    Liar Game II
    Name: Alexander
    Age: Unknown (About 25+)
    Job: Unknown
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 170 lbs
    Complexion: light
    Haircolor: White with shades of gray
    Eye color: Brown
    Personality: Very intelligent, never say to anyone his plans until its done, wont hesitate to use anyone to achieve his goal, High Analytical and Deductive Skill, doesn't show much emotion, always quiet, always examines anyone he sees.
    Physical: Wears white shirt with long sleeve, quite long hair which covers his eyes, black jeans
    Likes: unknown
    Dislikes: unknown
    Hometown: Unknown
    Story: unknown

    Start of story: won the first round of the Liar Game from an unknown method and enters the second round. Quite knowledgeable about the game's ways.

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    Sounds fun, I'll give it a try with my lead for my manga I'm working on~

    Real Name- Unknown

    Current Name- Kimi

    Eye Color- Never shown, rumored to be blood red like a demon.

    Gender- Female

    Home Planet- Unknown at this time.

    Hair- Auburn shoulder length hair, bangs; sometimes pulled into a ponytail.

    Age- Unknown

    Height- 5'9"

    Weight- TBA

    Build- Slim.

    Family- Unknown. Took in her now apprentices when they were little.

    Fighting Abilities- Extremely skilled with a sword, but prefers to fight using the Otenken Style that she developed over the years.

    Love interest- Has a bit of a love hate relationship with a man she only met once in her life.

    Job- Formerly a notorious assassin, was pardoned in exchange for working with the***** but now owns a small flower shop that secretly serves as a agency for people who want info or jobs done without being found out by the government.

    Personality/Traits/Likes- A keen, highly intelligent, composed and mysterious woman. Doesn't feel like she can relate to people, not because she is above them but because she was never really among them. Wants to understand what makes a being human. A bit of a tomboy due to having no female role-models growing up and her loner lifestyle. Always wears a top hat, vest, white dress shirt, and dark dress pants; feels uncomfortable in any other type of clothing. Very protective of her "students," almost like a mother hen but she refers to it as, "The fondness one has for a pet."
    Has sworn to never kill a single person again.
    Loves veggies and is almost always seen with stray cats.

    Background- From her records not much is known expect for the fact that she was a notorious assassin turned******member, who seemed to have disappeared altogether six years ago and may have been born on a planet that was destroyed by Planet Fusion.

    Random Quote- "Didn't I tell you this already? Or did you forget what it's like to have your life held in another's hand? Let the weak live; let them live to try again; let them live to understand the value of life. And if the insist on following through with their blind justice then acknowledge their resolve...and don't hold anything back."
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    Name: Fitha Ima
    Eye Colour: Yellow
    Gender: Female
    Home Planet: Therion
    Hair: Shoulder length silver
    Age: Very Old
    Height: Short ass
    Weight: Average
    Build: Toned
    Family: IDK was raised in a dragons harem or something.
    Fighting abilities: she can use giant anime swords, Magic, and Space guns.
    Love interests: None, everybody is too lame
    Job: Was in the world smashers bestest team ever, then some things happened and she now journeys space in a space ship
    Personality/Traits/Likes: She is the best at everything, her tits totally aren't small or anything. She has been around since the olde fashioned days when everyone didn't have guns and rockets, but because she is a demon elf she isn't dead of old age and is still totally cool and hot.
    Background: She kidnapped princesses and killed losers, then space age happened and she started doing the same thing but in space.

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