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Thread: So, who are your main characters (your own OC only)

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    I am making this up as I go because I really need to finish up my character development so I can continue with my story in progress.

    Name: Kazuya Saitama
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 170lbs
    Build: Athletic/Slim
    Eyes: Calm and Focused, Sky Blue
    Hair: Blown back with long bangs over face, Dark Brown
    Skills: Novice swordsman and marksman. Skilled hunter, knowledgeable regarding traps, animal behavior, skinning, stalking, etc. Has a powerful demon known as a Shade that lives within his conscious. The shade feeds upon negative emotion, and emerges, taking over Kazuya's body when he is experiencing extreme trauma, despair, etc. Shades are naturally powerful and swift, and become dramatically more powerful while feeding off negative emotion.
    Weaponry: Carries a large double-edged sword marked with crimson line art. Named "Chi no Tsurugi", or, "Broadsword of Blood", this sword is a family heirloom to the Saitama family. It is typically encased in glass for display and seldom ever used in combat, but after Kazuya's home was destroyed, it was one of the few possessions he took with him when he left. He also carries a generic hunting bow, which he later replaces with a pistol that he takes from Captain Virgil Rey after defeating him.
    Backstory: On a hunting trip, Kazuya and his comrades are stalking beasts for food and furs, but upon returning to their village, they find it in a state of high tension. The kingdom's military is searching the village household by household, in search of a shade they think may be hiding in the area. The military is very crude and disrespectful towards the villagers, stealing possessions and disrespecting women. Things go from bad to worse when a young teenage child steps forward on the streets to speak out against the Captain of the military forces, Captain Virgil Rey, telling him to call off his troops and leave the village alone. As the boy's mother runs out to apologize, they are both shot by the Captain, followed by an order to stop the search and burn down the town. Thanks to Kazuya and his hunting party's efforts, a few villagers are saved, but as Kazuya realizes his family is gone, he cries out in anguish. All the sadness and anger that Kazuya feels attracts the Shade that the military was hunting, and as Kazuya cries out loud on his home's burnt remains, the Shade is absorbed into his emotional being. The next morning, he sets off alone, swearing revenge on the military and their corrupt emperor.
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    Name: Nasaru, Leland
    Age: 14
    Height: 5'1"
    Weight: 128lbs
    Eyes: "Sulfur Yellow"
    Hair: Dark gray/brown
    Skin: Dark brown, red "coming of age" markings under eyes.
    Weapons: None, unless he makes them.
    Abilities: He inadvertently begins to learn the fabled "claymaking" art thanks to Tei. To claymake, one reduces any form of matter (solid/liquid/gas) into white clay called "lalassu", which takes the form of virtually anything as long as the claymaker has a "blueprint memory" of its makeup. Although Leland is a beginner, an artifact inside Tei will briefly connect him to the "central energy", which usually only benefits master Claymakers.
    Backstory: Leland's mother was said to have a talent for communicating with Raku without forming a contract with them. His father took her away to the industrial continent of "Agnus Gates" when he was 5 years old, and were never seen again. His brother Kashin takes care of him until he is 14, before an Advisor attacks and destroys the village. Kashin leaves behind a Raku infant named "Tei" before sacrificing himself, hoping Leland will find the secrets of claymaking, and somehow bring the raku back to the surface. Now he travels with "Poxy", a 22 year old woman with strange powers, in search for the "Chrysalis Kiln" which can amplify Tei's power against the Advisors.
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    Name: Ulow Zygiella
    Eye Colour: Bloodie Redish
    Gender: Girly
    Home: From deeps evil cave town Vgidix.
    Hair: Long scraggilies black.
    Age: Twendy seex.
    Height: Four an 'nalf feet. Please no make fun I suppose be smull. ;_;
    Weight: 99 punds
    Build: Not silly tall and not lumpy I'm good size thin and proper four arms instead of ugly-weird huemen only two. Also got bellyweb. Huemens don't ged bellyweb I don' think.
    Family: My lovely boi him name Fillis shord and black 'air have you seen? ;_;
    Fighting abilities: Mindgifd for make head 'esplode.
    Love interests: Lovely amazing goddess Rin-sama darlingg
    Job: I travil up ground-top and see suns and freaky tall huemens for looking him Fillis I miss.
    Personality/Traits/Likes: I make heals even before mindgifts 'cause I like help and nice, but nod very good and clutz and people only like because looking but that nod bad I guess. Only bad with babygut and I think ged fired because front-heavy but that okay. Now huemens buy sour drink and furs I real like so that good too. Maybe they not realise I smard maybe through. Mokodo is skin weird moving picture but nice okay and love drink with I like and nicey not weird roundey body lumps not heavy.
    Background: I no want talk bout scary headclaspers id sad I just want son Fillis him love
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    Name: Kaito Aubreaguard
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'10''
    Weight: 168 lbs
    Build: slightly muscular
    Hair: Black
    Skills: Soldier, Engineer/mechanic,
    Weaponry: A small submachine gun
    Abilities:Can redistribute muscle mass to different parts of the body without pain or physical harm.
    Personality Traits:Careful, does not like taking risks. Pays attention to detail. Does not push himself. Pushes aside emotion to clear his mind.
    Backstory: After being infected with the 'Core' virus in a battle for the ruins of Moscow in 2263, he is quarantined in his own country's scientific facility, for he is the only living survivor they have recovered from battles with the 'Core' people. Instead of experimenting on him, his leaders send him on a covert mission inside of 'Core' to gather information on the mysterious people. He is knocked unconscious.
    After waking up on a cargo ship inbound to one of 'Core's capital cities [With audio bugs and hidden cameras], he makes his way around the city, and ends up at the residence of one of 'Core's leaders. Recognizing him from the battle, the leader nearly kills him, but then forces him to reproduce the designs for his country's weapons, so that 'core' may use them.

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    What ams for does we haves these for lives the wholes lifes?
    Name: Lacia!
    Gender: Male~
    Age: 17
    Height: Aroundabouts five foot three. I'm a short guy, I s'pose!
    Weight: A sort of dainty 115 pounds.
    Build: Well I'm a skinny guy! I don't need to build muscle, but sure, I get plenty of exercise...
    Eyes: Blue!
    Hair: Blue!
    Complexion: Bluish tint!
    Skills: Well, if you couldn't tell already, I'm quite a charmer! Some would say I have a high charisma, even.
    Weapons: I remember having a staff some time ago... But I seem to have lost it :-(
    Abilities: I'm a water sorcerer! I can use an array of spells at will!
    Personality: Hm... Well, I certainly love people! I like to interact with them, and exchange information. I like it when I can sit down with a new friend and hear a great story, or have a pleasant conversation! In fact, I absolutely abhor violence against humans. Well, I'm not quite fond of violence in the first place, but against humans it is especially disgusting! Oh, and despite such a love for people, I'm ironically decidedly against personal sexual activity. With all what many men would call beautiful women I have had the pleasure of conversing, I've never had urges of the sort, even, strangely enough.
    Background: I was born to an absolutely gorgeous human mother, who had fallen deeply in love with a mystical Marid person. They courted for a night, and my mother was gifted with me. Unfortunately she passed at birth, and I was raised by a bar owner. I grew up my entire life around such interesting people, and now I'm able to live and battle with some of the most fascinating in the world aboard a pirate ship!

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    Name: Ramirez Aquila
    Eye Colour: Hazel.
    Gender: Normally I'm male, but I'll be any gender that suits my circumstances, needs, or fancies.
    Home: What an absurd question. I used to live on my father's estate but I was compelled to leave. When the dear man passes away, perhaps sometime soon, I'll move back. Except, of course, it'll be my estate, and I'll be Count Aquila rather than simply Mr. Aquila. I'll also be gloriously wealthy, but that's rather besides the point, though more money would greatly benefit my interests at present. My father's passing would certainly further my own position, tragic as it would be. Until I hear news of that sad event, however, I'm simply not welcome. At present I stay in frightful barracks or filthy inns.
    Hair: Black, but the ravages of time have stained the roots grey.
    Age: Over thirty, but I don't see how my exact age is pertinent.
    Height: Six feet, four inches. Women used to compliment me on my stature, but no longer. Those days were glorious.
    Weight: Rather on the heavy side, regrettably. I believe I'm over sixteen stone now, but this is recent. I used to be far less portly.
    Build: Buried under this soft, flabby exterior is the sculpted god I once was.
    Family: My father is the Count Aquila. My mother was his wife. Once I had a brother, but he died in regrettable circumstances.
    Abilities: I used to favour the shortsword, but now I prefer the composite bow for its superior range. I memorised a few magical tricks here and there, though, you must understand, that doesn't make me a magician. I'm no different from you, save for a little additional knowledge.
    Love interests: Love is an interesting concept, no?
    Job: I do the Saint's work. The parts of it the other Crusaders claim are unsanctified.
    Personality/Traits/Likes: I'm afraid I don't feel entirely comfortable divesting all my secrets to a stranger. You have to understand.
    Background: Again, this is an area of great personal emotion. I'd like to conclude our discussion if you feel the need to probe my inner life.
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    Name: Irai Kurai
    Height: 5'4 1/2"
    Weight: 130lbs
    Build: Appears to be athletic but a real coutch potato
    Skillz: A swordsman who can cut the air to create black holes
    Job: Intern Medic
    Key traits: Short jet black hair, gold tatoo under right eye, caucasion, gray eyes and a pure genius and quick on feet. Carries a chainsaw sword [A combination of a sword and chainsaw] on his back
    Home Town: Normal Urban City
    Titles: Necromaniac and Black Hole.

    Description: A total lazy genius but due to his mothers illness he has been in and out of school. He is powerful and can come up with ideas rather quickly.
    Likes: Death Non-living people and Medicine (Wants to be a medic)

    Dislikes:Life and Living people
    Fav phrase: I'll make you wish you were dead"

    Story: After Mom's illness he searches for the best doctor to treat her. After many fails he turns to Doctor Yaban who will help him in only in one regard......If he helps collect all 8 Sacred Weapons.

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    Lucy: age 11: side character

    Assistant to main character, was saved at age 8 with amnesia. She is very grateful for being saved and serves as a lab assistant for the main character. Their relationship is very brother-sister and she help alot in the lab

    Powers: Shes a witch who can conjure thing from mid air, she also can creat a mental link with people (does this with someone from the past who accidently gets trapped in the preasent) she also do energy related spells

    Weakness: She cant control stronger spells, and is very limited in fighting abilities. Due to her mental link if the person from the past dies she will also die.

    Personality: she is very cheerful and carefree (clichè anime child) unquestionably doing what the main character asks, she is also a very intelligent child (due to being raised with a genius) she never goes with the main character to fights. When she mental links with the person from the past (who is a knight) and he gets a cat's body, she uses her magic to allow him to transform into human where he then teaches her how to fight with swords (the main character is slightly against this but allows it because he wants her to be strong). She is very caring and brave.

    Likes: Pizza, labwork, shopping, training, and kittens
    Dislikes: Doing dishes, cooking, the main character's laziness, and flying

    Phrase (not to sure if this wont change): Can't you do the dishes I want to train.

    Weapon of choice: Sword (not the big kind like clouds or the small one handed one, think a longsword) that she makes from pure energy (not lightsaber), magic (teleporting and creating various items including weapons for teammates)
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