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Thread: So, who are your main characters (your own OC only)

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    I am making this up as I go because I really need to finish up my character development so I can continue with my story in progress.

    Name: Kazuya Saitama
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 170lbs
    Build: Athletic/Slim
    Eyes: Calm and Focused, Sky Blue
    Hair: Blown back with long bangs over face, Dark Brown
    Skills: Novice swordsman and marksman. Skilled hunter, knowledgeable regarding traps, animal behavior, skinning, stalking, etc. Has a powerful demon known as a Shade that lives within his conscious. The shade feeds upon negative emotion, and emerges, taking over Kazuya's body when he is experiencing extreme trauma, despair, etc. Shades are naturally powerful and swift, and become dramatically more powerful while feeding off negative emotion.
    Weaponry: Carries a large double-edged sword marked with crimson line art. Named "Chi no Tsurugi", or, "Broadsword of Blood", this sword is a family heirloom to the Saitama family. It is typically encased in glass for display and seldom ever used in combat, but after Kazuya's home was destroyed, it was one of the few possessions he took with him when he left. He also carries a generic hunting bow, which he later replaces with a pistol that he takes from Captain Virgil Rey after defeating him.
    Backstory: On a hunting trip, Kazuya and his comrades are stalking beasts for food and furs, but upon returning to their village, they find it in a state of high tension. The kingdom's military is searching the village household by household, in search of a shade they think may be hiding in the area. The military is very crude and disrespectful towards the villagers, stealing possessions and disrespecting women. Things go from bad to worse when a young teenage child steps forward on the streets to speak out against the Captain of the military forces, Captain Virgil Rey, telling him to call off his troops and leave the village alone. As the boy's mother runs out to apologize, they are both shot by the Captain, followed by an order to stop the search and burn down the town. Thanks to Kazuya and his hunting party's efforts, a few villagers are saved, but as Kazuya realizes his family is gone, he cries out in anguish. All the sadness and anger that Kazuya feels attracts the Shade that the military was hunting, and as Kazuya cries out loud on his home's burnt remains, the Shade is absorbed into his emotional being. The next morning, he sets off alone, swearing revenge on the military and their corrupt emperor.
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