Well ive never posted before but i had an idea and i had to go for it eventually so lez do diz

I want to see the personalities of your main character. You can give an entire biography IDC Ill start with the always a pain in the *** Quartz. (this is mostly for shonen characters but if ur doin realism then leave out skillz plz, normal ppl dont have any).

Name: Quartz
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 150lbs with his feather boots. without them his weight due to magic is 750lbs
Build: Light, athletic, Slim
Skillz: A mage that fights up close with and without a sword. A CQC Magician or Combat Magi for short. Element of light
Job: Mercenary
Key traits: A demon arm, silver hair, tan skin and an IQ of 290(though he dosen't show it), ridiculous strength and abnormal endurance, small horns and pointed ears, glowing dragon eyes, odd hair style, peculiar dress fashion.
Home Town: A quaint little mountain town next to a steam-punk city on the most elite part of the continent
Titles: Worlds most powerful Mage.

Dezcribshun: He's a bit of an as*hole who speaks his mind straight out and unfiltered. Hes the kind of person who would explain to a girl that he wont look at her cuz shes flat chested. Always the last to help someone with a small problem and laugh at those less fortunate. Eats like a bottomless pit. Somehow great with girls but so clueless that he accidentally has the tendency to lead them on. Valiant at the worst time and has no sense of chivalry. Non-heroic but will save anyone anywhere. Stupidly brave and a slob who cant read a situation. An unromantic idiot with a passion for weird things. The guy thats too amusing to hate.

Likes: 10 star foods, nature, the city, his brother, Inifinitaluna Phenoxia (calls her Ini, calls herself Tiffany, shes his childhood friend and yes im looking for a better name that showes the word Infinity)

Dislikes: Loud, flat chested women(the first woman he teams up with... her short description), moody bastards(the second person), bad music and people who cant sing(the third one), disrespect of food, swordsmen (hes a swordsman too -.-').

Fav phrase: I ain't no hero, heroes die. I, am a Mercenary.

Story: Leaves in search of Ini after she left the village for unknown reasons when he was 12. He loved her but never got to say it.

DONT MAKE YOURS LIKE MINE IF YOU DONT WANT TO. My character designs are complex and so he is described in depth. If you cant think up all this about your character then dont hurt yourself.

My character is so in depth because i have read about 60 manga titles...Im such an otaku