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    King of Punching Devlog | RELEASED | Featured on

    This is a devlog for a game I'm working on. It's a boxing game with minimalistic controls and gameplay. I figured that I might one day want to make a fighting game and before I did that I could go back to the roots of fighters like Karate Champ, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Urban Champion and make something along those lines. John is assisting me by providing all the music.

    -Arcade mode with (shitty) AI
    -VS mode
    -4 totally radical characters, dude
    -Super cutting edge high-tech graphix


    Player 1 -
    WASD - To move. Hold back or down back to block.
    J - Weak Punch
    K - Strong Punch

    Player 2 -
    Arrow Keys - To move. Hold back or down back to block.
    Numpad 1 - Weak Punch
    Numpad 2 - Strong Punch

    1 on the keyboard to pause

    Holding up or down while pressing punch will get you a different punch. Blocking is as simple as possible. Block low to block low attacks and block high to block high attacks. Block wrong and you get punched.

    CAN I PLAY?:
    May I remind you that what you are playing is woefully incomplete. Also please report any bugs or odd things to me. I play the game so many times that the small stuff escapes me, so I need your fresh young eyes to help me out.

    As for suggestions, I will hear them and appreciate them but obviously I won't always be receptive to them.

    Thousands of years in the future all the planes of existence have crashed into one another. Demigods now live on this mangled plane with humans and demon alike. There is one advantage, though; everyone forgot about violence. The world celebrated relative peace until two brothers got so angry one day that they invented punching, seeing as they had no other outlet for their anger. Steve, the older brother, went around punching everybody which reintroduced punching to the masses. Johnny chose the opposite path, and realized that Steve's rampage would thrust the world into an era of violence, so he taught people how to punch in order to defend themselves.

    Years later when punching is wide-spread, a mysterious man named Stu sends messages to all the most powerful punchers to get together and test their strength.


    Johnny Sidestory: The original Punch Monk, Johnny ascended to demigod status after resigning himself to protect the world from evil punching. Unfortunately demigods are naturally apathetic so he doesn't even really care anymore. He only joined the tournament because he heard Steve would be there, and we all thought Steve was dead.

    Steve Sidestory: After Steve's rampage he died of anger. He was so angry he just died. Though after Stu's tournament was announced, word spread that Steve would be there. A zombie? A demigod? Who gives a shit.

    Hound: A man with the strange ability to turn into a half-bat-half-wolf demon. He joined the tournament so that he could meet the famous Johnny Sidestory, whom he believed could help him control his beast half.

    Aife (Pronounced ee-fuh): The only person in the cast who actually worked hard to become strong. Not a demigod, no special powers, just lots of effort. She joined the tournament just to see how strong she is. Yes normal people exist in the future, too.

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