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Thread: Floatingmew's art

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    Floatingmew's art

    Hey, I don't think of myself as good and I am trying to learn more from this website. This is my "Before work" I may post after work later.

    SPOILER! :

    I have more but they are terrible in my opinion... I am trying to stray away from how I have been doing the jawand only use it for pokemon ocs\

    Thanks for any comment! ^-^
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    Alright! Welcome to MT I'm really excited to see how your art changes over time, but this is a good starting point. So, out of curiosity, I was wondering what kind of guidelines you're using when you draw the face? Guidelines are extremely helpful and will help make sure everything is aligned properly. In this drawing the main thing that stands out is the chin, which should be lined up with the sort of center line of the face. BUT in 3/4 view, like you're doing here, it isn't going to be the exact middle of the face, but sort of the center line of the features? I may draw a red line later to show you what i mean, but I dont know if i'll have time... I'll link some tutorials at the bottom to sort of show you what I mean. Anyway good luck and have fun!

    MT's list of tutorials
    Head Perspective Tut
    Really cool tut that's not really relevant but that I love


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