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Thread: toast's art thread *nudity*~ update filled with incredible swag

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    I'll be honest here, its a bit hard for me to critique your work. Most of them look really expressive and surreal with fine art implement into it, which is something to truly respect.

    The only thing I can really say is try to bring your piece to a more complete stage? As in take a little more time to work on them and truly push it by blending shades in the appropriate areas and try to work out the lighting a bit better.


    I notice you usually dont pay much attention to the hands and feet, maybe thats something to work on?

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    As DHB said, it's difficult to crit when there is such a fine art element to it. However I do think on the very last one, the hips are far too large for a male. I also get this sense that the arm on the hip is sorta glued onto the torso, just because of the lines at the base of the shoulder and the way you've drawn the armpit.
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    I agree with the others--it is really hard to critique such fantastic work! (You're stuff is really inspirational :P)

    One thing I've noticed on the picture of the man in the forest is that you pay hyper attention to his face--which is extraordinarily well done--but his hair you can still see a bit of the "brush" (it's kinda rounded, if you get what I'm saying) and not quite pointed or tipped like tufts of hair get. Does that make sense? Also, it maybe that you're just not done yet, but around the edges of the body, you can see smudges/blurs. If it's there on purpose, that's cool, but if you aren't done yet, maybe clean that up a wee bit?

    One last thing, same image, the trees in the foreground are looking great, but could use a bit more detail in my opinion. But yeah, you're stuff's so awesome I can't really do much more than that (not just brown-nosing.)

    Also--hells yeah! Gay Parade is great. I also liked Cherry Peel and Sunlandic Twins a lot :P Actually, I like most their stuff, though the newest's taking me a bit to get used to it. So good to find someone who actually knows them!
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    Wow Toast, you're getting really good man. Awesome figure drawings! Keep it up!


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