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Thread: Dunno if this belongs here, but to all of you who wanna be published in Jump

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    And believe me, I understand, respect, and appreciate people for that. Most people respond to threads like this in a pretty rude manner, I read previous replies and the OP response and that was all very refreshing.

    Thinking it's stupid is your opinion and you are entitled to it, but I think if the artist is stubborn about it and isn't a child the best thing you can do is give them the all of the facts and let them make their own decision.
    I want to get published in my own country for myself, if you can't manage that then what's the point in doing it somewhere else first? And I think the appeal to certain people about getting a manga published in Japan is it's popularity there. They think you have a better chance in a more manga-orientated society than their own.

    And for the people I mentioned, I know that they aren't any Kubo Tite but I think the fact that he actually got something published is an accomplishment in it's self, no matter how many volumes it had. And I was only trying to give the OP a chance to hear the advice from people who have actually done it as opposed to us who can only offer our secondhand advice.^^
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