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Thread: Looking for a shounen artist(s)

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    Looking for a shounen artist(s)

    Manga Title: Fatal
    Genre: Action, adventure, psychologic, intillect, gore, li'l romance
    Manga style: Shounen/Seinin

    Setting: Modern, various different places.
    Main characters: 3 mid-teens
    Storyline: 3 teens, after being involved in a huge train/plane 'accident', set out to uncover the truth behind it and with their new found powers, put an end to it.

    Three unfortunate teens, while on a journey to XXX, got involved in a huge 'accident' between a train and an unidentified plane. They were the only ones to survive. Shortly after the crash, and witnessing the true horror, they meet up with a man but... there was something extraordinary about him and along with him, they felt something. A sense, A feeling, A POWER!

    Death, a door to the god's dimesion and the only way to gain god's power.
    Sacrifice, the alternative.

    Who is the one behind this 'sacrifical' train/plane crash? The army, AC311, supported by the very leaders of the country.

    The teens, unfortunate yet were lucky to have survived... not only survive but gain an extraordinary power; The God's Power!

    Jack: God of beings. He can manipulate the way his body works in order to give him
    strength and speed. Since he is just a human, he doesn't have the capability to have
    strength in every part of body and can only use one at a time. Signature move: Use a
    tree as a weapon.

    Roza: God of Nature. She can move the ground itself and control them. Signature move:
    Cages and manipulate the ground in such a order that no one is able to stand at the
    same place for long while fighting her. They will constantly have to move.

    Mike: God of beings. He is able to 'take out' bone out of his body and use them as a
    weapon or shield. His defence is very high and his bone can pierce through very hard

    They will fight their way to find out about this, unravel the truth behind the crash and overthrow the army along with one other certain man. A man who controls the army and much more... behind the very Hell's gate.

    Some arc(s): Bermuda Triangle- anyone who has researched even just for 10 minutes on this triangle will have a idea of what this arc will be about.
    :Rogue Land
    :Hell's dimension
    :God's game
    :Silent War

    I'm not going to reveal the information about those arc(s) but you can have a guess at what they are about

    IMPORTANT: I'm in search for a manga shounen artist to do a collaboration with. Someone who can do action, humorous scenes, Blood and gore, romance, gross creatures, either reply or contact me at
    I'll be looking forward to working with you.

    Money: This is the 21st century. We can find plenty of ways to make money off this manga through the use of internet... if we can get this manga popular.
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