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    I'm lilpig, and I'm new to the forums.
    I was lurking around without signing up for a very long time, (Maybe a year even?) and I finally signed up.
    I don't often read manga, partially because they're not available in my region, and partially because I have a download limit. I used to watch anime a lot, but not so much anymore.
    I've been drawing as a hobby for about two years now.
    I hope I can get along with the other forum members. \(^.^)/

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    Wow quite the influx of new members! Welcome, enjoy your time here, maybe post some art in the Critique Corner if you like! It's not too hard to get along here, I've found if just be respectful and don't act egotistical towards the other members you'll be fine.

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    wonderland ^^
    hi there new person ^^..welcome to the gang...hope to c some of your art soon ^^

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    Two replies

    I'm not very confident of my skills yet, I don't think I've gotten around the basics properly, so I'll be hanging around here a bit, looking at pictures, and deciding whether I'm good enough. I see all kinds of stuff here, drawings, photoshop work (?), concept art I haven't checked out yet, I guess. I haven't looked at tutorials as much as I'd like to, so I'm not so good, for someone who's been drawing for a while. (so maybe that 'year' thing is a lie(?). I visited here for the first time a year back. *thinks to self*Yes, That's how the sentence should be framed!)

    I'll try posting in General discussion threads, and see whether I'm doing it right. Thanks for the warm welcome!

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    No worries........after a few months of activity here you'll be quite a few level higher drawing-wise! Welcome aboard!
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    Mmm, yes, considering he's Serbian, he might.... overwork the ladies. Don't need that.

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    Well Hi, glad your out'a the shadows!
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    Don't take life to seriously, no one ever makes it out alive.

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    Hi! Advice: What Fenn and Ged said.

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    lilpig...what a name! lol welcome

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    Yeah, it's cute! Welcomezzz~
    Most people would point you to the Groupboard because it's live drawing and chatting and you can get some good feedback from folks there but if you have a download limit.. maybe you're better off just checking out the tutorials here at the site and the Massive Online Tutorials list.

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    Wow. I never expected a reply from an admin. O.O

    A download limit is very limit-ing (oof, bad pun), and I download all the big stuff in the free time during weekends (2-8 AM. Waking up at 6:30). Downloading J-pop, reading manga now, and watching videos.

    'Lilpig' comes from an account I share with my bro on another site (2bigpigs). And since I'm younger, I'm lil.


    I looked around at some of the things when I checked here in the free time. People here seem to be of a very high level. I think I'll get better now that I've joined, though.


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