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Thread: Saimoe Tournament Season 4 - The END!

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    Actually I made Emiko, and indeed I'm VS "D", that is the winner between Jamie and Star...

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    It was a hard pick but eventually Star came out front with a 1 point lead. Jamie fought well .

    Current Results
    Ixora VS Toma
    Siobhan VS Adelei
    Sophie VS Timmy
    Siren VS Axel

    Highlight Match
    Jamie VS Star

    Voting will begin as soon as I set the next round.

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    Round 4

    Winner Bracket



    Character Name: Star - [Cloudy]
    Gender: Female
    Age: Her age is unknown but she looks around 16
    Birthday/year: Unknown
    Hair: Very long and White just like snow
    Eyes: Gray
    Origin: A distant land, Her home is a cold place high up in the sky in a winding kingdom with many towers, it often rains and snows there.
    Height: 5'8
    Body Structure: Pale skin Slender pear shape
    Race/Species: Eru which is similar to an elf with short pointed ears, People of Eru are known to be quick and able to jump very high
    Friends/Allies: Kumo-Hime the sky princess from the same kingdom.
    Career: Spirit Knight, she has a long pale/translucent almost glass like sword she defeats evil creatures with, sending their souls to the afterworld.
    Hobbies: Adventure, Exploring, Slaying evil beasts, Treasure hunting, Climbing.
    Likes: Playing with her hair, jumping high, treasure, travelling and going to new places
    Loves: Food, Fashion/Armor, Nature, Glass objects, Dragons
    Dislikes: negativity, Those who opose her, Stinky smells.
    Loathes: staying indoors for too long, Liars.
    Fears: The Princess being kidnapped, not having food to eat.
    Strengths: Great with blades and various weapons, has high endurance, can jump high and moves fast.
    Weakness: Over protective, Shy and Doesn't have a lot to say.
    Good Qualities: Brave, Strong will, Loyal.
    Bad Habits: Is a bit shy when it comes to new people, Eats a lot, always hungry, Blushes a lot.
    Natural Talents: Able to jump very high because she is of the Eru, master of the blade.
    Supernatural Powers & Abilities: Can send off demons with her blade
    Temperament: Quiet, Calm, polite

    Loser Bracket
    Seeding 1

    Description: - [Baka Neko]
    Here's Emiko-chan. She is a geek-girl, likes games, cats, and raw fish... dislikes everything else -.-



    Seeding 2

    Bio: She have the power of teleportation(similar but yet different)
    She first Used her powers when she was 3 months old, teleported
    to a very far away village when she was suppose to be
    a princess in some castle, The villagers found out about her
    powers and was worshiped as a some type of goddess.
    ofcourse there are those who oppose of her being a goddess
    as well.
    She lived in her village peacefully but without any friends
    cause everyone respects her and their still afraid of her,
    her only confort is that she can teleport to any part of the
    world and still view the most beutiful sights, ofcourse she
    has to return before evening to sleep.
    one day one girl finally became one of her friend, She then wanted
    to take the girl to the amazing sights that she always go to.

    Well she did but the only she managed to teleport there
    is just half of her friends body,ofcouse the girl died eventually.

    When she gone back to the village and told eveyone what
    she did, those who oppose her bieng a godess finally
    got everyone to believe in them and rebelled against her.
    there are those who tried to protect her but
    end up dead, from the shock of it she then killed
    the whole village and slaughter all of them.


    Axel is a "Divuly" who forcefully serves the cause of the "Black emporium organization". An organization devoted to protect Dark-bloods of Feronas witches who use their dark blood for rituals. But in secret they wage war between the witches. For the witches are what stands between them and the utter destruction of humans, whome as the most of dark blood believes are a feeble race, with no magic power whatsoever. And as such they can only take from Feronas but, can't give anything back. One faithful day Axel was called upon to deliver a massage of out most importance to one of the Black emporium strongholds. An information about a temple, holding the witches prized demi-god. All was well until Axel decided to take a rest near a pond.....Soon he was captured by a group of Wand-sisters. As they gained information from the scroll Axel was carrying they decided to send one of them to investigate the location mentioned in the scroll. But as the entrance in the temple could only be open with dark-blood the little witch decided to bring their little prisoner with her...Axel regretted his laziness.

    Good Luck!

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    The poll has been updated!

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    Current Results
    Miri VS Star
    Emiko VS Jamie
    Sophie VS Axel

    Sorry I wasn't around to update. Been dead busy with college and stuff Dx. I would actually like to ask if anyone is interested in helping me with the updates for the contest and stuff. I really do need the help. Just pm me or post in the official thread if you wish to help :>. Much appreciated. Anyway. We have another draw so we need extensions again.

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    I vote for Star.

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    Sylux if u vote for her make sure to vote in the poll too x3

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    can any one tell y my character didnt get votes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloudy View Post
    Sylux if u vote for her make sure to vote in the poll too x3
    It won't let me it says it is closed

    Quote Originally Posted by arslanamjad81 View Post
    can any one tell y my character didnt get votes
    You must ask yourself this, deep from within your heart. And, if you do not like your answer, then you must also ask yourself what you can do to change it.

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    that sounds.....incerdebly ....wise...... weird.....even weirder fact is that you said it.....
    Quote Originally Posted by GunZet View Post
    Mmm, yes, considering he's Serbian, he might.... overwork the ladies. Don't need that.


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