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Thread: Saimoe Tournament Season 4 - The END!

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    Saimoe Tournament Season 4 - The END!

    Season 4 placement match - GROUP A -
    Seeding 1

    Name: Siobhán - [Blue Dragon]
    Age: Equivalent of 19 human years
    Occupation: Free Spirit
    Species: Faerie
    Likes: Flowers, trees, and nature in general. Loves berries and waterfalls.
    Dislikes: Hunters and scary humans. Destruction and evil creatures.

    She's a curious, and carefree fae who loves spending time with her friends. Some are other faeries, but most are animals of the woodland. She has many magical abilities, but one of her most peculiar ones is the ability to change her hair color to fit her mood. The moods reflected in her biographical image are: Red-Irate, Blue-Apprehensive, Orange-Mischievous, Yellow-Happy/Elated. In her portrait image: Purple-Shy.


    Name: Ixora - [Obitual Crow]
    Age: ?? (appears to be 17)
    Likes: Gardening, Ixora plants, Cleaning...keeping things neat and orderly, Kyoshka, Peace, Friendship, Serving a Master
    Dislikes: Conflict, Mess, Garbage and anything unsightly or filthy, Rodents, Vermin, Being betrayed (causes psychotic reaction leading to yandere mode)
    Short Bio:
    Ixora is a floral geist representing Ixora plants. She manifests her geist powers as fire which condenses to form explosive Ixora flowers; however, she prefers fighting using punches and kicks to avoid destroying the environment. She is an optimistic person with little troubles in life however these troubles, simple as they may be, are met with exaggerated responses from her ending, usually, with herself getting harmed or her house destroyed.
    Assigned to watch over a secluded woodland, Ixora lived in a small hut she constructed and was kept company by plant and animal inhabitants of the woods. Peace reigned over the woodlands under her care until the tranquility was finally broken by a delinquent ninja who goes by the name, Kyoshka. They fought each other over a misunderstanding but it was Ixora who emerged victorious. Ixora offers Kyoshka friendship and a place to stay. She was then informed by the renegade ninja that a large scale war would unfold at the borders of the sanctuary she was assigned to protect. Ixora goes on a preemptive to try to direct the clash somewhere else.

    Seeding 2

    His name is Timmy, ten years old, and LOVES stuffed animals (of which he has over 100 at home). His mom kicked him outside for some fresh air in this pic and since it's Fall and the ground is wet and muddy, he wasn't allowed to take any stuffies with him, to his dismay. Since he can't play with his stuffies outside, he sat down by a tree and looking up in the sky, began to daydream about the perfect stuffy.

    If you're feeling sorry for him being parted from his beloved stuffies, don't worry. He gets to go back inside to play with them in 20 minutes.


    Name: Cherish Caranza - [Siaman]
    Age: 22
    Hobby: Photography
    she like to explore the world to see the beauty in it...

    Seeding 3



    Description: - [Baka Neko]
    Here's Emiko-chan. She is a geek-girl, likes games, cats, and raw fish... dislikes everything else -.-

    Seeding 4

    Axel is a "Divuly" who forcefully serves the cause of the "Black emporium organization". An organization devoted to protect Dark-bloods of Feronas witches who use their dark blood for rituals. But in secret they wage war between the witches. For the witches are what stands between them and the utter destruction of humans, whome as the most of dark blood believes are a feeble race, with no magic power whatsoever. And as such they can only take from Feronas but, can't give anything back. One faithful day Axel was called upon to deliver a massage of out most importance to one of the Black emporium strongholds. An information about a temple, holding the witches prized demi-god. All was well until Axel decided to take a rest near a pond.....Soon he was captured by a group of Wand-sisters. As they gained information from the scroll Axel was carrying they decided to send one of them to investigate the location mentioned in the scroll. But as the entrance in the temple could only be open with dark-blood the little witch decided to bring their little prisoner with her...Axel regretted his laziness.


    NAME= BLUE LENOX - [Trilokcool3]
    AGE= 15
    HEIGHT= 5ft
    LIKES= Peaceful surrounding, greenery, respecting people and helping out, futuristic machines, jet planes
    DISLIKES= war, traveling on wheels, junky foods, conceptual mechanics.
    BLUE LENOX a 15 yr old warrior , one of the youngest WARRIOR among all in VILLAGE ASFpoweALAS . BLUE has the power to rebuild anything and can build new things. He is one of the loved ones among the village people because of his noble works. BLUE never hesitates to give one LAST CHANCE TO ENEMY for a change in heart. And that became his worst enemy. In history of there warriors in the village none have shown mercy to the enemy, but BLUE does. Some warriors think as this is an act of CRIME, and was exiled from his village. Many of the villagers protested against it, and the situation was on verge of war between common people and warriors. But BLUE accepted it because he donít want any blood shed. As a punishment he was sent to FUTURE through TELEPORTO (ancient device for traveling through space and time).
    BLUE is now in 2030 in mechanized age. Now everything is new for him and his journey BEGINS.

    -GROUP B-
    Seeding 1

    Letisha is a witch in the 18-th century world oF "Feronas". Her kind was hunted and murdered because of a "blessing" their ancestor received from a magical being called "Phantasmagoria". A strange magical being, made of metal and wax. Witches were known for their black arts and ghastly minds, but little did the people know of what would become of the world if the witches were gone. For they are what keeps the realm free of the "Black emporium" at bay, but one day Letishas covenant catch a messenger and are stunned by the fact that the enemy knows were their god (Phantasmagoria) is slumbering. Letisha and some of her "wand-sisters" are sent out to find out the truth.....



    Seeding 2

    Bio: She have the power of teleportation(similar but yet different)
    She first Used her powers when she was 3 months old, teleported
    to a very far away village when she was suppose to be
    a princess in some castle, The villagers found out about her
    powers and was worshiped as a some type of goddess.
    ofcourse there are those who oppose of her being a goddess
    as well.
    She lived in her village peacefully but without any friends
    cause everyone respects her and their still afraid of her,
    her only confort is that she can teleport to any part of the
    world and still view the most beutiful sights, ofcourse she
    has to return before evening to sleep.
    one day one girl finally became one of her friend, She then wanted
    to take the girl to the amazing sights that she always go to.

    Well she did but the only she managed to teleport there
    is just half of her friends body,ofcouse the girl died eventually.

    When she gone back to the village and told eveyone what
    she did, those who oppose her bieng a godess finally
    got everyone to believe in them and rebelled against her.
    there are those who tried to protect her but
    end up dead, from the shock of it she then killed
    the whole village and slaughter all of them.


    Name: Adelei "Platinum" Stratt
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 104 lbs
    Birthdate: June 14, 2076
    Likes: leadership, strong technical skills, determination, instructional videos, fruits and bears because they are strong, yet cute
    Dislikes: incompetence, alcohol, needless sacrifice

    Biography: Adelei Stratt is the second child and only daughter of General Bismuth Stratt, a world-renowned commander in the mechanized division of the East Union Army. From a young age, she learned tactics and leadership skills under the private tutelage of her father, who wished for her to become the first female General in the EUA. When she was of age to enlist (14), General Stratt made repeated appeals to the board of officers for her to succeed him. But, because of her inexperience, they refused. Instead, they advocated her older brother, Hayne Stratt, a class-A pilot. Acknowledging his excellence on the field and indispensability as a warrior, Bismuth declined. Because of her father's determination to support her, Adelei vowed never to fail him. But, in truth, she admired her brother and his technical skill, believing that soldiers are the true heroes of war. Sadly, because of her frailty, she did not qualify to be one.

    One night, her father and his forces suffered a crippling blow, leaving the bulk of their men dead and the remainder in sick bay. Before reinforcements could arrive, the enemy forces struck again, invading the home base. Undermanned, General Bismuth decided to join the shortage of troops in battle. He was gunned down in a selfless act, taking a direct hit to defend the infirmary, effectively passing command onto his son. Determined to avenge his father, Hayne implored Adelei to lead their forces, wiring her mobile phone signal to his radio channel. Augmenting her voice, she commanded the troops to victory under the guise of her brother while he wreaked havoc on their enemies. Their combined abilities won the night.

    Once news of Bismuth's death got out, the board summoned Hayne to promote him to General. But, at the convene, Hayne testified that it was Adelei who had secured their victory, passing the title onto her. The board, impressed, could not deny her effectiveness as a commander, dubbing her "Platinum" after the color of her hair. Adelei became the first female General in the EUA, commanding a battalion of 300 units. She tries to suppress her feminine side on the job to earn the respect of her all-male constituents, but her brother makes it difficult. As a prank, he took a picture of her sleeping one morning and posted it in the locker rooms:

    Seeding 3




    Seeding 4

    Character Name: Star - [Cloudy]
    Gender: Female
    Age: Her age is unknown but she looks around 16
    Birthday/year: Unknown
    Hair: Very long and White just like snow
    Eyes: Gray
    Origin: A distant land, Her home is a cold place high up in the sky in a winding kingdom with many towers, it often rains and snows there.
    Height: 5'8
    Body Structure: Pale skin Slender pear shape
    Race/Species: Eru which is similar to an elf with short pointed ears, People of Eru are known to be quick and able to jump very high
    Friends/Allies: Kumo-Hime the sky princess from the same kingdom.
    Career: Spirit Knight, she has a long pale/translucent almost glass like sword she defeats evil creatures with, sending their souls to the afterworld.
    Hobbies: Adventure, Exploring, Slaying evil beasts, Treasure hunting, Climbing.
    Likes: Playing with her hair, jumping high, treasure, travelling and going to new places
    Loves: Food, Fashion/Armor, Nature, Glass objects, Dragons
    Dislikes: negativity, Those who opose her, Stinky smells.
    Loathes: staying indoors for too long, Liars.
    Fears: The Princess being kidnapped, not having food to eat.
    Strengths: Great with blades and various weapons, has high endurance, can jump high and moves fast.
    Weakness: Over protective, Shy and Doesn't have a lot to say.
    Good Qualities: Brave, Strong will, Loyal.
    Bad Habits: Is a bit shy when it comes to new people, Eats a lot, always hungry, Blushes a lot.
    Natural Talents: Able to jump very high because she is of the Eru, master of the blade.
    Supernatural Powers & Abilities: Can send off demons with her blade
    Temperament: Quiet, Calm, polite


    Name= Kai Katsuro (K.K) - [AJ]
    Age= 15

    Likes= dry fruits, soccer, reading and making poetry,and cloud gazing
    Dislikes= street fights and quarreling with others
    Motto= Take it easy

    Bio & Personality=
    He has a very cool temper.Can solve any problem by seriously thinking but lacks motivation to do any work.He always tries to act cool in front of people but fails to impress others. He lives with her mother.His father died when he was 4 who was an army officer .He also had a sister who was killed by enemy of his father .He don't know the enemy currently.

    Due to his sisters death, whom he loved, he has issues regarding the anger management called by the doctors as I.E.D.

    YOU CAN ONLY VOTE FOR 1 CHARACTER FOR EACH SEED. Contestants are not allowed to vote on the seed their character is in.
    Example[Current match]
    Blue Lenox
    Kai Katsuro


    SEED 1

    SEED 2


    Blue Lenox




    Kai Katsuro
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