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    5 years ago...
    Traven awoke to the screaming of men and women alike. It wasn't fear that he heard in their voices, it was pain. Unbearable and unrelenting pain. The plague had orginated from a small group of refugees that came from the Eastern Kingdom's. No one fully understood how the plague affected those who were ill. But it was certain that upon catching the plague meant certain death. He arose from his bed and his servants clothed him as he did so. He was a High Priest and his servants were those from the Order. A vow of celibacy meant that none of the Order were to look upon him with lust or intimacy, and that could possibly be why many never joined in the Order. Traven was used to being a celibate since he grew up in a monastery on the Fringes of Illiad north of both the Western and Eastern kingdoms. He turned his attention to a man sitting at a table among the shadows and knowing that that man should not be in his chambers, he called out, "Sir, you aren't allowed to be in these chambers unless you are of the Order." The man ignored him and looked at the others in the room, and with a nod, sent them out of the room. "Forgive me for not waking you up, but I know as a High Priest you will need all the rest you can get. My name is Kathar. I've come from the Fringe with terrible news. The Books of Salizaer have been stolen and the members of the Order there have been slaughtered." Traven's eyes widened in panic and he began to mumble to himself and pace his room. "How could they have possibly known? No one ever spoke of the Books openly. When did this occur Kathar? And when did you get here?" Kathar sighed silently and replied, "I arrived late last night and no one knew that I was apart of the Order until I showed my Brand to them. This unfortunate event happened late Thursday evening." Traven stood still. Thursday, that was he night of the Blood Festival. Of course, only a dark magician would know this; but in his time it was good to know such information for an occation such as this. He looked to Kathar, "Get the Mages to the hall immediately. I will need to talk to them." Kathar nodded and quickly and silently left the room in the blink of an eye. Traven looked out of his window and knew what the source of the plague was...

    A few weeks ago...
    Traven's face was covered in blood. Both red and black to be exact. He was tired from the day's battle and his armor didn't help with him being tired as it's weight was finally taking it's toll. He looked over the field to see mangled bodies of all races on the ground. The sight hadn't sickened him. After the five years from trying to stop whatever force was out there, he was used to seeing dead bodies and the putrid scent that followed with them. Nothing compared to the Shambles though, he thought to himself. He had a standing order to retreat, but he and the rest of his battalion fought tooth and nail to keep the Demonspawn from taking the forward courtyards. He knew that more forces would begin to flood the courtyard again and he signaled for his men to get into formation. They did so quickly and effiencently. Traven heard a low hum of feet running toward the courtyard and a massive beast broke through the wall in front of him. "ARCHERS! FIRE AT WILL!!", he yelled to the remaining archers. Volley after volley of arrows finally pierced it's armor after ground forces began to attack Traven and the rest of the men. It ws a losing fight. Sure the beast was down, but Traven's men were reduced to two archers, five Paladins, and three Warriors. Traven panted from the drawn out battle and a huge amount of Demonspawn stood directly in front of them, as if the entire Demonsapwn army had just set their foot in the front door. Traven looked to his men and saw the look of fear and determination creasing their faces. He looked back at the Demonspawn and brought his sword to his forehead and said a quick prayer. He then proceeded to say, "It's been an honour to fight by your side..." Afterwards, he charged straight into the Demonspawn.

    Kathar led a procession. He looked back over his shoulder as he somberly walked towards a temple. Traven's body was laid out on a stretcher behind him with his bearer's holding up the stretcher at shoulder heighth. Traven has given his life while his men escaped two weeks earlier. Kather thought to himself, 'And with the way the war was being fought, it took us that long to recover his body. He was at least prepared and cast a spell on himself before he fell.' The bearer's themselves were his battalion or what was left of it of course. Traven's body was undesecrated and was almost in perfect shape, as if he hadn't even died in battle at all. Some of the men carrying him, thought he would just sit up and crack a wise-assed joke like he had a few times before. But that never happened, he didn't even twitch or flinch whenever someone poked him or tried to prod him. The Order had named him a saint for his humane actions of saving, not only his men; but the rest of the Alliance as well. And for his bravery of fighting against impossible odds. When the procession made it to the temple, they stopped and set Traven's body down to be blessed by the Arch Bishop.
    This lasted for an hour or so. Upon the completion of his blessing, the procession continued to take him into the temple and set him to rest in the Undercroft of the temple. The name ingraved on his tomb was this: Saint Traven Nakamura. After the funeral service, everyone left, but Kathar. He needed to know why Traven would use such a spell under such strange circumstances. "And you're wondering why, I ran to my death. I don't blame you for being an Inquisitor, or at least a Fledgling one at that." Traven spoke from the shadows. Kathar whipped his head towards where he heard Traven's voice and replied, "Forgive me for being meddlesome, but I have to know. I don't care if it was to escape or to just return to your home. Just the principles of why." Traven was silent, and then stepped out of the shadows he was hiding. His face still worn from battle with the usual blood stains from not being able to clean himself properly.
    He replied, "Very well, you do after all deserve to know." He sighs and sits down. "I had come across some evidence that some Order members were involved in causing this campaign to come about. Much like the Crusades, mind you. Over all, you can say that I have definite proof of their involvement. My duty as a High Priest is much akin to yours, Inquisitor. To snuff out heresy and to stop evil where ever it may hide. I have every right to conceal myself and try to find out what caused our hand as the Order to play in this. However small it may have been, we were orchastrated to make the moves we did." He stopped and seemed troubled to continue, but he did anyway. "I don't know what to make of this, but your father played a key role in this. I know not how or why, but it has his signature written all over this bloody matter." He raised a hand at Kathar, and motioned for him to be still and put a finger to his lips. He then proceeded to point towards the roof. Kathar made it seem like he knew immediately what it was. An assassin of sorts really, though it was mostly beast. Trained from the dark forms of magic that existed in the world to make it the best and unavoidable agent of death. A Transgressor was slowly scaling down one of the columns, it's tongue licking at the column like a snake would sniff the air. Neither Traven or Kathar moved, Transgressors had terrible hearing; but had great eyesight.
    The Transgressor looked at them both, but ignored them. Traven gave Kathar a puzzled look. It moved it's way down into the Undercroft without as much of a sound. Traven immediately knew what had happened. That "blessing" his dead body double had, gave off a specific scent that lured the Transgressor to it. He motioned for Kathar to follow him slowly out the door of the temple, Kathar nodded and they both stood up as slowly as possible and made their way to the door. Once outside, Traven didn't sigh in relief; instead he looked around from any other form of danger. "I'm sorry Kathar, but we must split ways here. If they follow you, don't look at them and act like you are just going about your way. Speak of what I said to no one, understand Boy?" Kathar nodded and patted Traven on back. "I'll see you again, friend" He replied to Traven. Traven's only thought to that before he disappeared into the night was, 'I hope you're right...'

    Below is the character sheet I’d like those who want to RP to fill out and for those that want to test if their outrageous and almost insanely bizarre characters would work.
    The rules are simple: Follow along and be creative with your posts (if you can or if it’s not possible then that’s fine). Dice rolling (for crit. hits, stealth and things like that). Feel free to do so.

    Warrior(ess): As their name implies, they are good at combat but very poor in any other skill. Unless of course that they are high level warriors which can have a multitude of skills other than combat.

    Mage(ess): These are people who have studied the arts performed by many of the Elfven and Dwarven people. People who are Mages or Magess's have intimate relations with both the Elven and Dwarven races.

    Transgressors: Humans who have been twisted and mutilated by evil doing. Not many remain after the Crusades.

    Ascendants: These are people who have done the ultimate "good".

    Desendants: Are people who have "Descended" or commited the ultimate "evil".

    Ravagers: Animals that are twisted from mutilation and magic from Lich's. Most used to be human beings but are reduced to nothing but feral beings. The same with typical animals like, dogs, cats, panthers, and the like.

    PsyCorp: Military forces from different nations that look to technology as a way to improve and inhance the human status far above those that are "mere" men.

    Human: These are your typical humans who are struggling to survive, but are oblvious to things that do not concern them. There are rare cases of humans who are not blinded by lies or are very strong and powerful adversaries for any of the other classes.

    DemiGod: These are rare beings who are stronger than any other class. They are highly resistant to any type of magic and can take down entire teams of experienced adventurer's on their own. They rarely become involved in "simple" comflicts unless forced into them themselves. They can found in some of the remotest areas on both worlds and HATE being woken up from their slumber for any reason other than a pilgrimage by holy men".

    Note: Abilities you can create on your own. Even if they seem way out in left field.

    Race (Angel, Akuma, Decendant, Ascendant, etc.):
    Born as?(Angel, Akuma, Hybrid, Normal?):
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