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Thread: Francy's Art - Critique wanted - Some NSFW.

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    Francy's Art - Critique wanted - Some NSFW.

    Well, I've been going through a phase of resketching lately, I'd love some critique on how to make everything that much better;

    SPOILER! :


    A little more added:

    Started trying to B&W it, failing, I'm gonna go back and redo this later;

    Known issues;
    + Needs more muscle definition
    + Less airbrushy looking shading
    + Lighter shading on the face for sure, his nose is making him look like a lion
    + Probably needs more creases in his pants too.

    Other than that, fire away, there's gotta be more.

    SPOILER! :

    Next up, I'll let you click this one rather than post it, I don't like putting up NSFW stuff right off the bat;

    Known issues:
    Folds in pants, but I don't know how to fix this, any tips? I'm crap with folds.
    Table just doesn't look right, perspective needs a little sorting.

    SPOILER! :

    Linked because the entire image stretches the forum super far;

    Clicky Clicky!

    I can wholely say that I'm super proud of this one, but where there's a will, there's a way and there's ALWAYS something that needs to be fixed.

    Known Issues:
    Their hands need sorting, I know what I'm doing here so I'll be editing that while you're critiquing everything else.

    SPOILER! :

    Last up is my recent piece. I've been wanting to make this look as perfect as possible x_x. It's NSFW and does have cocks which is why I'm giving you the option to click instead of throwing it in your face.

    Known issues and I REALLY want help with this;
    Clothes. I have never coloured fabric before. Where am I going wrong? away.

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    /cracks knuckles. Let's blow this popsicle stand.

    Picture One: You cleaned up the lines quite a bit and yes all in all it does look a lot nicer. I'm just not sure you really fixed some of the errors though. For one his abdominal muscles are much too small as they near the bottom of his torso and the obliques have been placed in the wrong spot. Also the position of his hand and fingers seems static and loose kinda like he's just letting it flop around while in the pose. When doing an activity like this most of the time even your hands will tense up. Try playing around with some cool "karate chop" hands or maybe something with the fingers spread, but whatever you do I'd like to see more tension an purposeful placement.

    Picture Two: Yay, I'm not at work right now! /clicks. First thing that I noticed is that the perspective is off in the BG. If you're going to make the decision to tile the floor in the BG or draw a wood floor or a slatted ceiling, etc. . . you had damn well better get the perspective right because you've basically given your reader's eye guidelines right to your vanish point. Any errors here and they will be blaring ones. Make sure that desk fits the rest of the perspective you have chosen and that the tiles don't just abruptly skew to suit it's location.
    As for the pants, well first off the rim isn't usually so big that it can be loose like that in this position. It would either be stretched tight or up higher. Also you should be able to see fabric from the back of his pants between his legs. The folds really aren't that bad I think you just need a little time to study clothing construction.
    There's also an issue with his muscles seeming out of place or misshapen. More anatomy practice FTW.

    Picture Three: You sick of me yet? Psh! Of course not! Okay okay okay, you really shouldn't draw every strand of the hair. It just doesn't look as nice or as deep or voluminous as when you block out the shapes and highlights first. Dark hair is drawn the same way I've just seen you draw blond hair.
    Still seeing some issues with perspective here. The table, the window ledge and the blinds. They just don't line up like they should. Be careful with this.

    Picture Four: My personal favorite ;D Not too many issues with this one, but you're right there is always room for improvement. Since you asked for help with clothes I'll give it. The way you've drawn them makes them look "lumpy" and at one point it even makes his left (our right) arm look broken! Oh noes!! Clothing drapes a figure and it will almost always hang and bunch at very predictable points. The only advice I can give for this is to learn the characteristics of different fabrics and draw from life. Learn how your clothes fold and pull and hang around your body. Look at them when you're just standing there and look at how they change when you move your limbs or twist your torso or hang upside down.

    On a side-note: Yay, somebody who draws male nudity on this site besides me!! <3

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    Well you certainly know your way around male anatomy (every inch of it ) But there are some disproportion's. Sorry that i can't point them all right know but im sure that in that long looong post that kasey poster are all the mistakes i noticed. But yeah mainly some more realistic proportions wouldn't hurt, but if you like'em the way they are now, i would say to still look at some photos for fold problems you said you have. hope it helped
    Quote Originally Posted by GunZet View Post
    Mmm, yes, considering he's Serbian, he might.... overwork the ladies. Don't need that.

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    I've only been drawing for little over a month now So I'm expecting a lot of errors :< I just didn't think it was so many :'<

    I'll give the notes a look over in the morning and see what I can do. Not feeling very confident now...

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    Halfway through this and I'm losing confidence the further I go *sigh*

    SPOILER! :

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    the first spoiler: you improved, however the tattoo needs more deffinition. As for the shadows on the face; I say add more. A white face on a grey body looks strange. Also, there should be more shaddows where the hair starts, as the roots are usually hidden by hair over top them. Also watch your lightsource. it looks like there is a wall arround his hips, deviding two different light sources. if you want two. add two all arround. And his thumb is a little high... it looks like he has 5 fingers and no thumb... thumbs start out at the bottom of the hand and crease when closed.

    Second spoiler: for this one I will concentrate on the table dimentions. Your table is two dimentional, thus has two vanishing points. That means whatever you put on it must have the same vanishing point, as everything else should. Right now, what you drew on the table looks actually drawn on a table. Also the drawer doesn't have the same vanishing points as the rest of the table. (ask if you need guide on what vanishing points are.

    Third spoiler: pull the candles from the shades. you actually have the plate in the shades. Also the shades don't alter direction, they always stay the same. yours seems to be free willing. other than that, you have pretty good shadowing.

    Fouth Spoiler: Clothes are tricky. Jeans don't have much variant while sued or valour has great variant when it comes to shadowing. use a vanishing point to find your light souce (a one point per light source) and shadow it accordingly, Also find out what fabric you are using (in your head) then go to a store and look at it if you need insparation. But clothes are tricky that way...

    Fifth spoiler: Muscle shadowing is awesome. the first thing that popped at me is the tattoo. it's way too bright to be a tattoo. mix in some skin town into the purple to make it less invasive. Again, bring the thumb down. And lastly, the for-leg (if you will) is painted strangely. the lines don't follow the leg. Other than that, you've improved since the first pic I have seen.

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    The first thing I see is that the nostrils and the bridge of the nose don't line up. The cheekbone is a little too sharp as well. And, though your sense of anatomy is pretty good, your figures often don't have a lot of volume to them. Your men, for their bulk, are too streamlined. This is due to how you convey the forms. There are not enough angles and the lines seem to flow too well. This is good for slender figures but since you like muscular men, you should take time to make sure large muscle groups have their contours drawn in. For example, you draw your forearms with single, smooth lines. But for men with such huge forearms, there should be more contours. Bring out the muscle a little more. Don't be afraid to break your lines and use angles instead of curves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CypressDahlia View Post
    The first thing I see is that the nostrils and the bridge of the nose don't line up. The cheekbone is a little too sharp as well.
    Which image?

    I get what you're all saying, and I am trying, seriously. It's just difficult. I'm trying to not make excuses eventhough I have really only been doing this for little over a month, I feel like I'm not where I should be as it is =( I'm scared of experimenting because in my first two weeks everytime I tried something new, I'd get someone have a royal fit at me about it. No "You shouldn't use this because x, y, z" but more "DONT DO THIS EVAAAARRR!". So I've been super scared to try anything now. I haven't really drawn much over the past week because of it >_<

    I'll try and fix everything you guys pointed out, but I'm lacking a ridiculous amount of motivation (especially after being told on another forum that all of my faces make them look like they have down syndrome. Laugh all you want, it's still upsetting.)

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    On the latest Vega pic, I meant. The nostrils are too far to the left.

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    ohhh I getchoo. I'll sort that later on tonight since I'm still motivated enough to fix that piece. I think the other ones probably just need redrawing in general though :<


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