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Thread: YO!

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    What ams for does we haves these for lives the wholes lifes?
    Algeria, huh? I took a trip there with my friend and colleague, Herbert, to search for a lost stone temple in the dunes. Our escorts were quite affable, and I was surprised at how warm they could be, even though their language was quite strange to my ears. Nice to meet you, Marwa! My name is Daniel. I live in London, at Mayfair. Forgive me if I forget things a bit often, I have a strong case of horrible Amnesia.

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    Hehe thats cool well even i never visited the desert, i live in the east-coast, annaba excactly.. our native language is supposed to be arabic, but we're not arabs we're tamazigh, and thats what u probably heard
    anyway nice to meet you too daniel


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