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Thread: My stuff

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    My stuff

    Hey these are my past works that I had done. I know it's really rough and well nothing's all that perfect but anyways, here's my work....



    Here's to all AC fans:

    Here's also some game concept art I did with Mikuru a few years back:

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    Looks great! You seem to have a great understanding of lighting and toning, but that could just be my inexperience talking.

    Love the giant mech.

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    Thanks appreciate it! I have a slight understanding in terms of lighting and toning but not as good as what I would want it to be. These are my past works and I have been doing a little more since then. Haven't post anything new yet here or on DeviantArt however. I haven't got the time but I will soon eventually.

    Oh and the Mech is the 00 Raiser from 00 Gundam. XD
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    Pretty good! Can't really find anything that bad worth mentioning, but those ghastly faces in the last pic are kinda faulty.......waiting for the new stuff!
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    Can't wait to see some more! Looking good so far.

    Love the blue dragon back there
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    Pretty cool, nice Ezio

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    Thanks for the response guys. I appreciate it. Anyways, I have some recent work done that I've shown to Mikuru that I'll be posting up as soon as possible but as I am lacking a scanner at the moment, it's going to take a while. :/ Still, I would love to hear more comments and critiques as to improve my art style. Thanks!

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    Hi guys, here are some more that Ive done. The first two was during early of this year while the last one was just recent. Give me your thoughts on it.

    P.S. I know the quality ain't that great as I used my camera. Currently I don't have a scanner. :/ I'll do quality versions when I get back home for Christmas.

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    I really like your traditional stuff :3

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    Here's some more work I've done. This time it's Iron Man. First one is based reference while the second one is my attempt based on memory. I know the arms are different but my objective here is getting perspective and proportions right. C&C. Thanks!

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