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Thread: New storyplot idea, and first character design

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    New storyplot idea, and first character design

    Hello everyone.
    I'm new to this forum so..

    I have in a long time wanted to make my own manga. But I am "shit" at making good stories for it. But I have finally come up with something I think might work.
    But I would really like if you would read the storyplot, and tell if you think it would be a good story for a manga, and what I maybe could do with and so on.


    The main character (a guy) somehow comes into some sort of dream world. (Don't really know how yet? Ideas?) And in this dream world, he literally gets run into by a girl, who turns out to be a "fallen Angel". She has escaped from the hands of an evil scientist, who are experimenting her. (He want to use here power for bad things. Yea she has some kind of powers) Then the main character, is helping this fallen angel, from getting cought again, and also he must help her reach the port to heaven, before she runs out of energy. It is weakening for her to be down on earth, and she must get back to heaven before she is all out, and dies. (also have an idea, that they get some sort of item, that gives her the energy back, right before she is all out?)
    The guy and the girl, (ofcourse) fall in love at the end, and when they are about to kiss, before she goes back to heaven, right before their lips touch, she fades away into heaven. The guy then wake up, and find himself in his room. Thinks to
    himself. It was only a dream. The next day at school, a new student starts in his class. The fallen angel from his dreams. Their eyes meet, and the story ends.

    Please tell me what you think of the plot, and if you have some ideas for the things written inside the ( ).

    Hope you like it.
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